Acaboom helps leading agents across all stages of the market appraisal. Become resilient against changing market conditions and competitor activity. Acaboom is the differentiator you are looking for to win the instruction.

Before the market appraisal

Differentiate yourself from the very beginning with an interactive presentation that introduces the valuer and your company. Include personalised videos, the reasons they should instruct you and so much more, all before you even meet them.

First impressions count, make sure yours does you and your business justice professionally and efficiently.

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At the market appraisal

Demonstrate a personalised experience with a bespoke toolkit for your valuers. Tailored to each client with rich local property and market data, videos and examples, it’s a great way to make your market appraisal more memorable than others.

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After the market appraisal

Deliver a customised proposal with your agency agreement that can be signed digitally by all parties. Include a personalised valuer video and tailored property and market data to interest your client and convince them you are the agent they should instruct.

See how we improve the post market appraisal process

Follow ups

Take the guess work out of chasing clients and get notified the moment your proposal or agency agreement is being viewed. If a client is in a decision making mindset, you can call there and then. Meanwhile, smart notifications organise your day and keep track of multiple clients. It’s a must for savvy agents.

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Send personalised market update reports that include local market data to help you stay top of mind, all year round.  Take the hassle out of producing content but see all the benefits from returning clients.

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