About us

Welcome to Acaboom

At Acaboom, we are revolutionising the property market by transforming the way estate agents present their services and communicate with clients. Founded in 2016 by industry expert Brian Farrell, Acaboom has quickly become a leading provider of innovative property presentation and client communication tools. Our mission is to empower estate agents with the technology they need to enhance their efficiency, effectiveness, and success in an increasingly competitive market.

What does Acaboom do?

Acaboom is a market appraisal toolkit that helps leading agents across every stage of the market appraisal journey.

Acaboom provides tools for leading agents to differentiate themselves before, during and after the market appraisal. From smart pre appointment presentations, proposals and client nurturing – it’s all designed to win instructions.

Our Journey

From our inception, Acaboom has been dedicated to helping estate agents stand out from the crowd. In 2017, we onboarded our first major clients. By 2020, during the challenges of social distancing, Acaboom served a significant portion of the UK property market by enabling virtual and paperless market appraisals. Our solutions provided a seamless transition to remote operations, ensuring estate agents could continue to deliver exceptional service without interruption.

Milestones and Achievements

  • 2016: Acaboom was founded by Brian Farrell.
  • 2017: Acaboom secured its first major clients.
  • 2020: Supported a large proportion of the UK property market during social distancing with virtual and paperless market appraisals.
  • 2022: Continued innovation and expansion, including the launch of new features and services. Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Acaboom has been honoured with several industry awards, recognizing our innovative approach and significant impact on the property market.

Our App’s Evolution

Acaboom is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Our app offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance every aspect of the estate agent’s workflow:

  • Priority Prospects: Released in 2024, this feature scores every client based on their engagement across various touchpoints, helping agents focus on the most promising leads.
  • AI Technology: We are integrating advanced AI technology to provide even more accurate market updates and predictive analytics.
  • Market Update Reports: New, updated reports offer deeper insights into market trends and client behaviour.

Our Values

  • Innovation: We are committed to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of technology.
  • Client Focus: Our clients’ success is our success. We prioritize their needs and work to provide solutions that deliver real value.
  • Integrity: We operate with honesty and transparency, building trust with our clients through every interaction.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from our products to our customer service.

Meet the Team

Our team is composed of dedicated professionals who are passionate about property and technology.  Each team member brings invaluable expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our team

Brian Farrell Brian Farrell

Brian Farrell

MD and Founder

Brian is the founder and MD of Acaboom and developed the concept after years in the prop tech sector from his experience when he was an agent himself.

Suzanna Mavity Suzanna Mavity

Suzanna Mavity

Sales Director

Suzanna is an expert in property and a bigger expert on Acaboom. As well as being a property whizz, Suzanna has the biggest heart. When she's not raising thousands for charity, she's taking in another new animal to add to her menagerie.

Emily Royal Emily Royal

Emily Royal

Key Accounts Manager

Emily is our Key Accounts Manager and is unbeatable in her skills at ensuring every client is thrilled with Acaboom. Into her Japanese supercars, Emily can often be found at car shows in her spare time. When she's not at work you'll find her reading - her collection in her home is vast enough to officially be a library.

Beth Jepson Beth Jepson

Beth Jepson

Project Manager Team Lead

Beth is the friendly face and master of ideas behind our amazing client designs. As an experienced video creator (she's had accolades from Stephen Fry!) Beth is the best person to sound out on getting the look and feel of anything absolutely perfect.

Alex Cunningham Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham

Project Manager

Meet Alex, our newest addition to the team and already proving to be the epitome of a top-notch project manager. Cool-headed under pressure, Alex tackles challenges with a calm and collected demeanour.

Pavle Stojanovic Pavle Stojanovic

Pavle Stojanovic

Team Leader - Support

Pavle (pronounced Pav-lay) Stojanovic does a stand-out job. A straight-talking, much-appreciated team member who has become an Acaboom expert, he always gets us laughing in team meetings! You'll hear back from him if you ever have a technical issue.

Liam Franks Liam Franks

Liam Franks

Support Analyst

Liam supports our customers on all their technical needs and is known for his super speedy responses. He gets involved with a range of areas across Acaboom and is an expert on our product and how it works.

Elaine Keep Elaine Keep

Elaine Keep

Marketing Lead

Elaine ensures that agents know about Acaboom through our range of marketing activities. You'll speak to Elaine if you're a new partner or perhaps while she gently grills you for a case study.

Maria Youens Maria Youens

Maria Youens

Project Manager

Maria has worked within property since the late 90's and has a vast array of experience in understanding agents. Well-known and respected in the sector, Maria is an asset to the team of project managers, helping clients get the best from Acaboom.

Tracy Welsh Tracy Welsh

Tracy Welsh

Admin Support

Tracy gets involved in many areas of Acaboom, supporting on contracts, with clients and ensuring that internal and external teams are supported, all with harmony.

Anel Pervan Anel Pervan

Anel Pervan

Support Analyst

Anel is our support superstar with a B.A. in Civil Engineering, and we have had brilliant feedback for his quick thinking and smart responses to clients, helping them to get using Acaboom.

Chris Yates Chris Yates

Chris Yates

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Chris is the longest-standing team member and is the all-knowing oracle on everything product! Helping get Acaboom as it stands today, Chris is always thinking ahead on the best new features.

Alex Bufton Alex Bufton

Alex Bufton

Client Success Support

Alex is the queen of the mind map, creating amazing clarity to help agents find their unique proposition for our many clients and customers.

Ann Ford Ann Ford

Ann Ford

Head of Training

Our master trainer Ann Ford is well-known in property and is here to help clients get set up with Acaboom. Ann doesn't stop when you've onboarded though - every week she runs webinars for our clients to get tips and tricks to get the most of the product.

Anna Bojarowicz Anna Bojarowicz

Anna Bojarowicz

Project Manager

Anna is our yoga-loving superstar Project Manager who ensures everything runs smoothly with our clients. She is very, very conscientious and efficient and always gets projects done on time. She's also a journalist from a previous life and so is a big asset to the team.

Gonxhe Dika Gonxhe Dika

Gonxhe Dika

Support Analyst

Meet Gonxhe, our fearless technical support analyst with a strong background in customer service and client relationships. Gonxhe effectively communicates and resolves complex issues with her technical expertise and problem-solving skills. She's also a licensed nurse!

Terri Da Silva Terri Da Silva

Terri Da Silva

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager for Acaboom, Terri brings her extensive experience having led companies to find success in simplifying processes, fostering positive and productive work environments to help inspire superior service delivery through collaboration.

Abi Teale Abi Teale

Abi Teale

Senior Operations Manager

Abi joined Acaboom from an operational supply chain background having worked in corporate organisations for most of her career. Abi has strong people management skills and prides herself on implementing robust processes whilst still allowing team members to put their personal touch on how they work. Out of work Abi loves nothing more than being outdoors whether that be paddle boarding, wild swimming or hiking.

Ellen Fraser Ellen Fraser

Ellen Fraser

Sales Executive

Hailing from sunny Shrewsbury, Shropshire Ellen comes from an admin and sales background and also has experience as an estate agent, meaning she perfectly understands the challenges faced by agencies (and how Acaboom helps overcome them!)