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2 minutes with Suzanna Mavity, new appointment to Acaboom Board of Directors

• By admin-account on September 24th, 2020 •

We are delighted to announce that Suzanna Mavity has been promoted to the Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Suzanna has been an invaluable member of the sales team during the last two years bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the business. She has demonstrated an uncompromising amount of energy and dedication to delivering nothing less than the very highest standards of service, and is the natural fit to sit within the board of directors to drive Acaboom further.

You may know Suzanna from her work in the property industry for over 13 years and has enjoyed working closely with some of the best and most innovative agents in the UK.  With an experienced background in email marketing, CRM and business processes, and in 2019 she won the Outstanding Achievement Award at EA Masters.

We wanted to help you learn more about Suzanna, with a quick round interview! As many of you may know, Suzanna works at 1000mph (allowing for traffic), so 2 minutes with her seemed apt.


Full name and any nicknames?  

Suzanna, Suz, oi!

Current role?

Sales Director for Acaboom, aka general dog’s body and someone who has to listen to the founder Brian Farrell’s bad jokes.

And what did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to own my own animal rescue sanctuary, take in waifs and strays…In some ways I have achieved this but not quite as I intended.

Can you describe Acaboom in just 5 words?

Gosh that is a hard one… it does so much….Let’s go for ‘Market appraisal mobile tool kit’.

You’re a known animal lover. How many pets do you have?

2 cats, 2 dogs and soon – a tortoise!

You are also known for working fast and always being ‘on’. What’s the legal secret?

I am just enthusiastic and passionate about delivering success, always have been, it drives me to always want the best.

What’s the best part of your job?

The customers!  I love our industry and I am proud to call a lot of our client’s friends

What’s the best thing about the sector as a whole?

Again the people, the industry has a bad reputation yet I have seriously met some of the best people I know in it.

Proudest moment in your working life?

I have had a few, one of them was winning Sales Person of the Year, Best in New Business and Best Newcomer all at the same conference in my first field sales job, but since then many company achievements within Acaboom. On a more of a personal note, winning the Excellence Awards at EA Masters for raising over £150,000 for Do IT For Dom and receiving a standing ovation from over 1000 people was a highlight.

Now, Acaboom is an estate agent’s best friend. When it comes to industry friends would you rather spend time with Simon Whale in a narrowboat or Peter Knight in a windmill?

Well it is almost impossible to get Simon on a boat, it has been known but a narrowboat – never.  I also can’t really imagine PK in a windmill.  I think I will stay where I am thanks!

Acaboom is also a tech solution. What 3 bits of tech could you not live without?

My phone!!!! I am very attached to it. Alexa for speed and constantly reminding me what I need to do, and I suppose my laptop seeing as I am currently typing this whilst sat at the hairdressers – yes I am the saddo who works while they do my hair!



  • Apple or Android? Apple without doubt
  • Night Owl or Early Bird? Definitely night owl
  • Wine – Large or Extra Large? What do you think?!
  • Coffee or Tea? Tea
  • Netflix or a book? Both!
  • Dancing shoes or comfy slippers? I dance in my kitchen… in my slippers J


Congratulations to Suzanna on her appointment. If you would like to book into a demonstration to discover the power of Acaboom and meet the lady herself, please click here.