Acaboom behind the scenes

Meet the team: Pavle Stojanovic, Support Analyst

• By on May 26th, 2022 •
Without the tech wizardry in place, Acaboom wouldn’t be the great product it is – and that starts with our amazing team who provide support and get hands on with every area of the Acaboom product, helping clients and resolving issues at lightning fast speed!

Fuelled with just nuts and nicotine, Pavle (pronounced Pav-lay) Stojanovic does a stand out job. A straight talking, much appreciated team member who has become an Acaboom expert, he always gets us laughing in team meetings!

We grabbed a quick few minutes to meet the man behind the PC.

Job Role: Support Analyst

Based: Belgrade, Serbia

Before Acaboom…I was project managing for a small American web development agency and finishing my bachelor audio-engineering studies.

Best part of the job: The people I work with, by far.

Tips or Tricks for Acaboom users: The more information you provide us with when reaching out, the faster we can help you.

Describe your usual work day: I wake up 30 minutes late, grab a huge cup of coffee and drink it in two sips, turn on my PC in panic and get in an argument with my manager. 🙂 After that, it’s smooth sailing with helping my clients stay happy while listening to music!

Desk snack of choice: Pistachios and Lucky Strikes Red.

Music to work to: Anything from metal to house to deep dubstep mixes. but mostly I listen to Maya Berovic.

How I unwind: Pumping iron at the gym and having a few too many with my pals Jack and Johnnie on the weekends.

Fun fact: I’m a fanatic guitar player- and I have played since I was 11 years old!