Send a digital proposal immediately after the appraisal for a better client experience

Save time and impress clients by sending a digital proposal as soon as the market appraisal is completed – even from your car!

With the Acaboom in your pocket app you can send a personalised proposal complete with your marketing strategy, fees, comparable properties, data slides, as well as a personalised video message recorded from your smartphone.

There’s no need to go back to the office to generate paperwork and the client is not left waiting. Our stats also show a Digital Proposal is 65% more likely to be remembered 72 hours later than a standard valuation letter. Why wouldn’t you want to go paperless?

AcaSign digital signatures within the proposal speed up the instruction process

Enclose your agreement in your digital proposal and allow all parties to sign without any need to print or use a pen. The legal agreement will be saved and you’ll get notified  when you’ve had a client signs.

Get your agency agreement signed on the same day by using AcaSign, the included Acaboom e-signature tool.

Market data included in your proposal ensures clients see your expertise

Build confidence with clients by sharing data that shows you are an expert in your field and also that you’ve carried out research that’s directly associated with the marketing of their property.

Your proposal can be tailored by local post codes to include:

  • Number of transactions in the last 12 months
  • House price growth/decline in the last 12 months
  • The average property price in the last 3 months
  • Recently sold properties in your individual client’s road
  • Most expensive properties sold in the last 3 months
  • Financial transactions for the last 12 months
  • Transactions by property type
  • Average property prices by property type comparing the selected area with the region and then England & Wales
  • An interactive sold properties map

By adding in all the graphs and charts that they can explore as they wish, clients can also communicate your message to other parties who weren’t at the market appraisal.

Property data within their proposal allows clients to delve into local insights

Let clients analyse their valuation and understand your proposition by sharing property data slides.

Added to your digital proposal, they help clients to see your expertise.

  • Sold cost per sq ft locally for a similar property
  • Rebuild costs
  • EPC rating
  • Flood risk assessment/rating
  • An interactive map showing planning permissions close to the property
  • Demographics of the local population
  • An interactive map showing local schools

Everyone loves to see what’s happening down the road – and by adding this to your digital proposal, clients can make a really informed decision (and spy on the neighbours too!)

Personalised video messages make the client feel valued and on a far more individual level over the written word

Want to stand out above the competition? Personalised video messages can be added into your digital proposal in seconds with the Acaboom In Your Pocket app.

Shoot from your smartphone and automatically send it in your digital proposal. You can thank the client by name, reference pets and children you may have met, and deliver your valuation verbally.  This is a very powerful feature where only one decision maker was present at the meeting, or perhaps a landlord wasn’t present.

Share full photos and floor plans within your proposal

Included in your digital proposal, the client can explore comparable properties, floor plans and slideshow images anytime – and with our notifications in place, you’ll be able to see when they’re viewing them too.

Cut down on paper waste and provide a better experience by adding comparable and sold properties into your digital proposal.

The before & after photo slider lets clients interact with your photography examples

Allows clients to continue to compare two photos side-by-side using a slide bar to reveal the improvements your photography provides, just like they saw at the appointment by including the before and after slider in your digital proposal.

Bringing to life your services and making you stand out – it’s also a memorable brand moment for your agency.

It’s the kind of thing they’ll love to share with other household members, and by including it, you’re maximising the time the client spends considering you as the agent for them.


Professional property videos within your proposal drive engagement and interest

Showcase your point of difference with professional property videos sent within your digital proposal.

Embedded and viewable in a click, clients can take an in-depth look at why you’re the agency for them.

A good property video tells a story about a house, but also shows you invest in your clients.

Interactive 360 property tours can be explored by clients at their leisure

Keep clients interested by sending your interactive 360 property tours within your digital proposal.

With so many ways to explore properties, this is a slide clients will view over and over again.

It makes the experience even more unforgettable for the client, and it’s a feature they’ll love to share with others too.


USP slides reiterate your unique selling points so they instruct you

Add the extra magic that will get clients to sign your agreement that day. Put your very best unique selling points into slides within your digital proposal, and showcase all the reasons to instruct you.

We can animate and create impactful, memorable designs that clearly demonstrate your unique selling points such as your conversion rates, testimonials, awards or anything else.

Acaboom gives you the best chance of standing out after the market appraisal.

Leads to your mortgage advisor in a click

Encourage readers to request to be contacted by a Mortgage Adviser, and any clicks on these referrals can be emailed to the provider,  as well as logged as an activity in Acaboom. Responses can be tracked, so you can give a clear status report of just how many leads you’re bringing in!