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7 reasons to switch to an interactive presentation

• By acaboom-admin on April 2nd, 2024 •

Want to stand out from the competition? Here are some great reasons why using an interactive presentation at your market appraisals can significantly enhance your client’s experience and improve your chances of securing their instruction.

Unforgettable engagement

Interactive presentations transform market appraisals into dynamic, engaging experiences. When you are with a client, you guide them through an interactive experience rather than simply talking to them. Most clients won’t remember everything you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel as they swiped through visuals and data that painted a vivid picture of their property’s potential. By moving beyond traditional verbal pitches, agents can captivate clients with a visually rich and interactive approach, making the appraisal memorable and setting the stage for a lasting impression.

Showcase your expertise

When discussing the local area’s demographics or the average sold prices, it’s one thing to mention these figures; it’s another to show them. Picture a client’s reaction when they see a detailed map highlighting recent sales or demographic trends directly related to their property, offering a level of detail that solidifies your expertise without needing reams of paper.

The ability to include sold prices per sq ft and rebuild costs positions you as the local market expert.

Show you value their informed decision

Clients often feel overwhelmed by the national property market, what’s happening, and what this means. With a tool like Acaboom, you remove complexity. When clients are curious about how their property stacks up against others in the neighbourhood, instead of flipping through pages, you pull up interactive slides. They can swipe through photos, zoom in on details, and compare floor plans, turning abstract data into a tangible, relatable comparison.

By displaying interactive charts and graphs that break down the latest trends and data tailored to their postcode, they have a visual aid that helps them grasp the market dynamics relevant to their sale or purchase, ensuring they feel informed and confident in their decisions.

Present with more visual impact 

Selling your services and USPs is easy when you can show people exactly what you mean!

  • Imagine comparing a standard property photo with one you’ve professionally taken using a before-and-after slider. This hands-on comparison vividly demonstrates the quality and attention to detail you bring, making a compelling case for your services.
  • You can also include videos, which add a dynamic element that can captivate clients and demonstrate your commitment to marketing properties effectively.
  • You can also add 360 property tours for an immersive experience that paper brochures cannot match.

…Even for rural clients

Imagine you’re in a rural area or a property with poor internet connectivity. The ability to deliver your polished, interactive presentation without a hitch shows your preparedness and dedication, ensuring the client’s experience is seamless and professional.

Make your Unique Selling Points come to life

When explaining why a client should choose you, don’t just list your achievements; show them. An animated slide that highlights your awards, testimonials, and success rates catches the eye and speaks volumes about your track record, convincing clients they’re in capable hands. Animated, visually appealing presentations of your strengths, such as conversion rates or testimonials, help differentiate your service and persuade clients to choose you over competitors.

Never worry about a curveball question

Picture a scenario where a client throws a curveball question about local schools or previous selling prices. Instead of fumbling through notes, you smoothly navigate to the relevant slide in your presentation. This readiness impresses and builds trust, showing you’re well-prepared and knowledgeable.

With everything you need in one interactive presentation, you can handle objections, answer questions, and highlight key points effectively. This preparation shows clients you are thorough and dedicated to exceptional service.

Interactive presentations represent a powerful tool, offering a unique and compelling way to conduct market appraisals. By embracing this technology, agents can provide a superior service that impresses clients and significantly increases the likelihood of securing instructions.