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5 Rules a Valuer Should Follow When Using a Presentation

• By admin-account on August 5th, 2017 •

One of the keys to being a successful valuer is being able to get your messages across quickly at a time when it counts most. It’s a unique skill that requires a mixture of confidence, experience and hard work.

One way valuers are making themselves stand out from the competition is by using presentations. They can be used during a valuation to help sell key information and/or afterwards to create a meaningful lasting impression.

To help make sure you’re getting the most out of a presentation, we’ve created a list of five rules every valuer should follow:

Rule Number 1 – Use slides that get the message across at a glance.
Humans have an eight-second attention span. To put that into some context, the attention span of a goldfish is reportedly nine seconds. All this means is that it’s harder than ever to keep the human brain occupied on one thing only.

The consequence of this is that you have to convey information faster than ever before. In a presentation, this means only using one message per slide and a small paragraph or two of copy.

Any picture you use should backup the text in the slide. Remember, if something doesn’t look visually appealing, the reader is less likely to take an interest.

Rule Number 2 – Tailor the content to the client
The word “tailored” doesn’t automatically have to mean “time-consuming”.

A small touch, such as starting your email with the line “I’ve prepared this presentation specifically for you” shows that you care.

Rule Number 3 – If you’re going to use the presentation on appointments…practise
Make sure you know the slides in your presentation like the back of your hand. Any errors or stuttering can leave a poor lasting impression.

Rule Number 4 – Don’t let your tools take over
Don’t use an iPad/tablet as a teleprompter; use it to enhance whatever you’re telling the potential home-seller at that time. The property owner needs to have confidence in your ability to sell their property. If you can’t talk confidently off-script, the chances are you won’t win their business.

Rule Number 5 – Make sure the client has a copy of the presentation
Allow a client to refer back to the points you made by emailing them the presentation after you’ve met. This will also allow the property owner to share the information with any other decision makers.