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“78% of clients buy from the first company to respond.”

• By on October 10th, 2020 •

“78% of clients buy from the first company to respond.”

That was the message from Seth Godin’s speech at EA Masters, and this really spoke to us. Whether it was about the speed of response or standing out, this master of marketing has some lessons for everyone.

Didn’t catch the show? Here are some sound bites he delivered.

  • “Be seen as the best in the World in the small area you serve.”
  • “If you can overwhelm a group with your service – they will tell others.”
  • “When people talk about you – what do they say? My hunch is they don’t talk about you because you did a fine job. The transaction is over. If you can give them something to talk about, they will talk about it. So be remarkable.”
  • “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure.”

As you can see, his advice is all about leaning into what makes you unique, different and interesting for a consumer or the prospect and delivering that message first.

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