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A yawn free way to present data at the market appraisal

• By acaboom-admin on January 12th, 2023 •

Presenting data on a tablet at the market appraisal is an efficient way for estate agents to demonstrate their knowledge of their client’s local area. Being able to show potential buyers’ recent sales, demographic statistics, and average rental or property values in an engaging way can help agents make a lasting impression and give them an edge over the competition.

Acaboom makes it possible to present data slides at the market appraisal – but how can you ensure that the pitch doesn’t become a sermon or a seminar?

Here are some great presentation tips when using data slides at the appraisal.

Explain the data and what it means

Sales statistics don’t mean much on their own – they’re just numbers. By providing insights into why a particular trend is happening or what implications certain market conditions may have for buyers, you can make your presentation more useful and engaging.

When it comes to some key talking points, we love to hear agents talking about rebuild costs. Why? Because it’s a great way to illustrate the added value of your own services. After all, you wouldn’t be able to provide this level of detail without having done extensive research.

Dip in and out of the data slides

With Acaboom, you can tab in and out and move where the conversation takes you. That means if you get a question from the clients about something completely different, you can easily skip to that slide and then come back to the main presentation and the data. The data could sit at the ‘heart’ of your presentation, or it could be an extra you show, depending on the personality of the client. Using Acaboom means you are always prepared for whatever personality you are meeting!

Allow clients to interact and handle the tablet themselves

Ask them if they would like to spy on the neighbors – they will always say yes. With an Acaboom presentation and data slides, they can. While they are navigating the local area maps and clicking into tabs of demographics, they are able to give away what are their key focus points, without a word being said. This puts you in a great position to be able to, if necessary, provide more data during follow-up conversations and in your proposal – showing you are a step ahead of them.

Tell them there’s more to come later

A great sales tip is to keep people wanting more. With Acaboom you don’t have to give away everything at the market appraisal. By leaving them wanting more, you can ensure that when they get your proposal, there will be no surprises – only things that reinforce what you discussed earlier and are likely to go in your favour.

Presenting data on a tablet at the market appraisal has never been easier with Acaboom’s impressive data slides and all of our interactive features. We want agents to always be prepared with helpful resources and additional information so they can provide potential buyers with valuable insights about their local area and leave a lasting impression.

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