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Beware the agency tricks

• By on October 12th, 2021 •

It’s spooky season – so let’s dig out some of the ghoulish ways estate agents can be left feeling Dead On Arrival at the appraisal (and how to defeat them!)


The dead data dread

The appointment booking suggested they had a 3-bed property, but due to their extension and extensive landscaping, it’s a 5 bed. You only printed comparables for the former. Panic!

Acaboom uses live data sources that you can access in seconds at the appraisal. Prep beforehand, or change on the fly for a horror free scenario every time.


The sinister disappearing sands of time

Mrs Edwards at Parish Drive took 30 minutes extra time telling you all about her cat’s eating habits, which made you late for your appraisal. You are miles from the office, without any prep done on the property.

Use Acaboom’s app to gather a full presentation and proposal to share that populates in minutes to create a professional experience that can be done in your car, or at a push – their front door!


The fee foe

Fees, fees, fees. There’s one thing on this client’s mind, and it isn’t your credentials or experience. How can you put a stake through the conversation of percentages and rates?

Acaboom makes an appraisal evidence-based, so only a fool could disagree with what’s on offer. Show them some amazing data. Look at the rebuild cost of the home. Show them stats and facts and your glowing reviews, and you can turn your grilling into a warm reception.


Agent zombie brain

It’s been a long week. You stagger back to your desk after an endless day of appraisals and are just debating a cup of tea – when your email calendar alerts you to an appointment 10 miles away. In 10 minutes time.

Acaboom’s smart app detects your next appraisal and schedules an alert well ahead of time. With the ability to click to prep, you can almost run on autopilot!


The lost souls of your database

Leads have dried up, so you turn to your database. “Some email marketing will get this in order!” But the ship has sailed, and the last of these lost souls unsubscribe in their droves.

Acaboom allows you to run consistent lead nurturing so your database never gets left unloved. Market update reports get devilishly good unsubscribe rates too!

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