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“All agents are the same”

• By on May 3rd, 2022 •

Replace CRM emails most agents send with a pre appointment presentation for a really strong introduction

Send a compelling presentation that introduces the valuer, your agency and what to expect. It stands out, it’s trackable and it’s not just nice to have – stats show that it reduces cancellations and can help a client go on to instruct.

Replace identical printed comparable reports with interactive data, floorplans and videos.

Share data, videos and floorplans without an internet connection for a more interactive experience. From the build cost per sq ft, average sold price for a property of their type, EPC and flood risk to planning permissions for nearby local properties – show you are ready to list that property. Let them know they’ll receive a copy of all this juicy information later in their marketing proposal! Teamed with videos, gifs and memorable content – you’ll be the agency they want!

Replace the standard valuation email with a professional proposal, valuer video and your agreement

Whilst typically a valuer would go back to the office to generate a valuation letter, you could send a full proposal that’s tracked and interactive from your car! Containing reports, videos, a personalised valuer video, and examples of your work, it’s all built to win the instruction. In a click they can load your agreement and sign it. You get the notification that evening to your phone, instead of a voicemail requesting a contract.

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