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Are your competitors calling prospects at a better time than you?

• By acaboom-admin on October 6th, 2022 •

Is there a ‘best time’ to make a call after the market appraisal?

Many agents have their own theories:

  • Monday’s are too busy.
  • After dinner is the best time.
  • Call on a weekend!

Sound familiar? The truth is that every client is different, and trying to ascertain the best time to call a client is an impossible task –  unless you have a crystal ball. After all – you might catch them, but what if they aren’t in a decision making mode?

They may:

  • Not have read your proposal yet
  • Need to speak to a spouse or loved one
  • Still be waiting for another agent to get back to them

This can be really frustrating for agents who want that instruction, but also a dispiriting experience for clients who simply want a bit of time to mull their options.

Both making endless calls that go unanswered, or leaving the client alone to go cold isn’t the solution.

There’s a better way to decide when to call clients after the market appraisal

We don’t sell crystal balls – but we offer the next best thing – tracking technology!

It sounds like Big Brother, but it’s a critical part of our market appraisal toolkit. Our notifications work with the Acaboom app, alerting you when the client is reading their proposal, so you can call them at the right time and offer a more consultative/personal experience.

You simply download the Acaboom app, send your proposal, and every time it’s viewed you’ll get notified.

You also see:

  • If they have digitally signed their agency agreement that’s included in the proposal
  • If they have clicked ‘instruct us now’ – a button direct to you in the proposal

This rich information is invaluable for time poor agents who don’t have time to guess when to call.

Other ways to improve the follow up process for clients

Here are our top tips to help improve the follow up process in other ways too.

Explain when you will follow up as you leave

By explaining you will call the next day, you’re setting the expectation that they will be able to catch you then. Also reiterate the ways to contact and instruct you – and tell them they can digitally sign and agreement whenever they wish.

Set up auto-reminders to view their proposal

Acaboom allows you to set reminders to come after 3 days if they haven’t viewed their proposal. These polite nudges can often help tip the client into sitting down with a tea, gathering the relevant parties and making a decision.

Stay top of mind by sending market update reports

Our market update reports can start to be sent to the client as soon as you wish, allowing them to get really interesting property information for their local area. While they make decisions, your agency stays top of mind.

This is just the start of how Acaboom takes the guesswork out of following up! Get a demo today to learn more.