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Are you suffering from these 4 follow-up challenges?

• By acaboom-admin on August 16th, 2023 •

For estate agents of all sizes, effective follow-ups can make all the difference in securing instructions and building lasting client relationships. Yet, navigating the intricacies of when and how is not without its challenges.

Do these sound familiar?

1. The Timing Conundrum: Are You Following Up at the Right Time?

Determining the optimal moment to follow up with clients after a market appraisal is a delicate balancing act. Reach out too soon, and you risk appearing pushy; wait too long, and your client’s interest might wane. The best solution? Notifications that take the guesswork out of timing. These alerts provide insights into when a client is actively reviewing their digital proposal or showing interest in discussing further.

2. On-the-Go Challenges: Can You Update Proposals Anywhere?

Estate agents rarely find themselves confined to an office. Amidst property viewings, meetings, and market research, having the ability to make updates on the move is invaluable. That means most agents need to modify digital proposals remotely. From fee adjustments to contract revisions, agents who can’t make real-time updates are losing opportunities.

3. Communication Gap: Are You Truly Engaging with Clients?

Communication lies at the heart of successful client-agent relationships. However, ensuring consistent engagement can be challenging. You can get around this by integrating surveys within digital proposals. These surveys offer clients a platform to seek clarification, provide feedback on the market appraisal, and share their preferences. By actively soliciting their insights, agents demonstrate their commitment to understanding and meeting clients’ needs, fostering a deeper connection. You’d be surprised how few agents do this.

4. Missed Opportunities: How Do You Keep Track of Unread Proposals?

In a busy day, it’s easy to lose track of unread proposals. This oversight can lead to missed opportunities. Agents who aren’t getting daily update reports find it almost impossible to proactively reach out to these clients who need the most pressing attention, and leads go untapped. If this sounds familiar – look into a solution – and don’t forget nudge reminders. (This is where, if a client initially overlooks their digital proposal, a courteous reminder nudges them back to it. This unobtrusive approach increases the likelihood of re-engagement, making it a valuable asset for agents striving to maintain meaningful interactions with their clients.)

In conclusion, while follow-up challenges are prevalent in estate agency, solutions are at hand. Acaboom addresses these issues head-on with its suite of tools designed to streamline timing, enable mobility, enhance communication, and ensure no opportunity is overlooked. Speak to us today about what’s possible for your agency.