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Could these 5 AI tools make your life as an estate agent easier?

• By acaboom-admin on April 20th, 2023 •

As an estate agent, your daily work includes many tasks requiring your attention, time, and effort – but not all are created equally. If you’ve ever struggled to remember the name of that particular client’s son when you leave a market appraisal, or if you wish there was a better way to keep on top of everything on your to do list – AI might be able to help. The capabilities are just being seen and it’s in its infancy, but there are many useful tools savvy agents can use. Here are just five AI tools that could make your life as an estate agent easier. What do you think?

Otter.Ai for recordings during the market appraisal

Was that client’s dog called Rover or Frank? It’s slipped your mind. If so, you need to get recording. Otter.Ai is a transcription tool that uses AI to transcribe audio and video recordings into text. This tool is particularly useful for estate agents who need to take notes during client meetings, property viewings, or market appraisals to jog that memory and make things much more personal. Instead of taking handwritten notes and losing eye contact, you can record the conversation and let Otter.Ai do the rest. The software can recognize multiple voices, so you’ll get an accurate transcription that includes all the essential details if you meet multiple people. “Jane was interested in this… And I know Stephen was very keen on that…”

To use Otter.Ai, simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet and create an account. Then, before your market appraisal, open the app and hit the record button. (Tell your clients that you are recording the conversation and explain why – or GDPR will come for you.) After, you’ll have a text and audio transcription ready to download. You can use this transcription to add details to your proposal. Paste it in and send from the Acaboom app in just a few minutes.

BoxBrownie for image touch ups

Want to make your MD look more approachable? Wish your agency photos didn’t have those awful mugs on the table? Don’t fret. BoxBrownie is an AI-powered image editing tool that can help you enhance your property photos and create virtual staging. With BoxBrownie, you can edit and retouch photos, remove unwanted objects, add virtual furniture, and even change the time of day or weather conditions in the images. This tool can help you make your listings more appealing and attract more potential buyers.

All you need to do is upload your photos to the platform and select the editing services you need. You can choose from many options, including basic editing, advanced retouching, virtual staging, and more. BoxBrownie also offers a 24-hour turnaround time to get your edited photos back quickly.


ChatGPT for video script ideas

‘Do video’ everyone shouts – but where does the average agent start? Video marketing is becoming increasingly important – it can help you showcase your point of difference with clients and build trust with your audience. However, creating videos can be time-consuming, especially if you struggle with writer’s block or lack the creative inspiration to develop fresh ideas. This is where script idea tools can help.

“Give me a short bullet point script for a client video. Mention the property condition, Market trends, daughter names Suzie and create a funny sign off that references cats.”

AI-powered script ideas from ChatGPT can come out with just a few commands – and use natural language processing and machine learning to give you all sorts of potential angles, questions, and talking points that you can use in your videos.

You could even script one for your agency to send to a video creator.

“Create a video script that explains why we are the best agency. Use our website copy here to pull out 10 USPS.”

InteriorFlo for virtual staging

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of manually creating interior design mockups and staging. AI-powered virtual staging tools use computer vision and machine learning to add virtual furniture, decor, and other elements to your property photos, creating a realistic and immersive virtual tour. You simply upload your photos, and the tool will automatically add furniture and decor based on your preferences and the property style.

Trevor.Ai for turning to do lists into calendar deadlines

While your Acaboom Daily Opportunity Report highlights who to call and notification tell you of upcoming market appraisals, you also have other tasks. If you use ToDoist, the plug in can help turn these ‘wishes’ into real, diarised items. They say they get an 80% better completion rate, so this could be very handy if your agency uses Google Calendars.

Don’t be scared!

We are likely to be just getting started on what AI can do for agents and sales people in general, and while it can feel scary – just remember that it’s there for your advantage!

If in doubt – speak to the experts at Acaboom! Our team of designers, copywriters and technical people are here to recommend the changing landscapes best apps and hacks, even if you’re totally new to the world of AI.