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Don’t do what 91% of agents do

• By on November 15th, 2023 •

91% of agents still send PDFs or plain text emails after a market appraisal.

They are commonplace, but that doesn’t mean they are good!

Pause to consider their limitations. From their dull presentation with no interactive elements, no way to track if they are being read (and not to mention the nightmare of editing them or going out of date), there’s a far better way.


The alternative, better solution: Acaboom’s digital proposals

Generate unique proposals from your phone after a market appraisal – tailored with their valuation, data and a personalised video. Not only do you impress them, but you get notified every time a client reads their proposal for successful follow-ups.


Why use Acaboom? 

  • Improve your conversion rates and average fees
  • Never miss an opportunity to win an instruction
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

See what’s possible with Acaboom with an insightful demo packed with stats, interesting takeaways and an overview of how you can win more instructions.


Reviews of Acaboom

“I’d strongly recommend Acaboom if you’re still using, sending out emails after a market appraisal or a letter, if you want to stand out above your competition, the proposal that Acaboom gives you will make you look a lot more professional and get you far better results.”


“We’ve seen a 7 per cent increase in our conversion of market appraisals to listings, which in monetary terms adds up to about £170,000 in fee value we wouldn’t have otherwise had.”


Sean Newman, Managing Director, Fine & Country 

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