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Guest blog: The Benefits of Becoming a Hybrid Estate Agency

• By on October 7th, 2021 •

At Acaboom, we believe that agents need to be memorable and responsive to secure leads and stay ahead of the competition. But how does this work in a hybrid environment? We asked the experts at Dezrez about how this could work. 

“For decades, the process of buying or selling a home remained relatively unchanged. Footfall in high street estate agencies was the go to means for listing a property. Window displays were the main means of showcasing a portfolio and buyers we’re governed by the physical opening hours of an agency. With a boom in online property portals such as Rightmove, Purple Bricks and Zoopla, many high street agencies struggled to keep up with buyer demand and slower administration processes often resulted in a much slower sale progression.

With a new wave of hybrid and online only estate agents, offering real-time updates to clients, this has quickly forced the industry to adapt and embrace the technological tools available in order to compete against these large property portals. With a growing demand for online agencies that offer ‘out of hours’ services, agencies rooted in traditional values have found themselves in need of a solution that remains in line with business culture – the adoption of a hybrid offering.

The birth of hybrid technology means that agents are now able to utilize software that offers an around the clock client portal enabling both vendor and purchaser to receive instant, real-time updates on key milestones throughout the sale progression process whilst remaining traditionally brick and mortar. The introduction of powerful software such as Rezi Anytime has resulted in reduced administration for busy on the go estate agents.

What is a hybrid estate agency?

A hybrid estate agency is an agency that offers a combination of both online and high-street or ‘traditional’ services.

Many traditional high-street agents now offer hybrid services as a way of competing with online estate agencies, who often provide 24/7 availability and lower fees.

It is important to remember that advancements in technology are there for agencies to utilize in accordance with their business strategy. Remaining traditional can also mean accepting PropTech as a means to elevate the ‘human’ experience, rather than replace it. Automation has allowed agents to respond faster to enquiries, send real-time progression updates, capture data instantly into their CRM and deliver better customer service.

Providing a 24/7 client login area

Designed specifically as an improved customer service tool, a 24/7 client login area allows your customers to log in to a dedicated portal to view the latest information on their property purchase or sale. Agents across the sales and lettings sector are reaping the benefits of an online client portal by offering:

  • Live sales progression updates: Vendors and applicants get real-time updates on the progress of a property transaction, and agents reduce the number of calls their clients make to them.
  • Online document signing and uploading: Your clients can sign and upload documents 24/7, without being required to visit your agency’s physical office.
  • Appointment requests and management: Your customers can request and rearrange appointments with you using your 24/7 client portal area.

With Dezrez estate agency software, this is all made possible using our Rezi Anytime product.

Thanks to your hybrid estate agency software solution, Rezi Anytime, means both agents and clients experience better customer service and a more streamlined workflow during the property transaction process.

How will your agency benefit from an online portal?

  • Agents will spend less time answering telephone calls, as clients will have answers to their questions through online sales progression updates.
  • With access to live updates within their own login portal, your clients will feel valued by you and will appreciate being in-the-know.
  • Your client login area could help you win more instructions as a unique selling point ahead of your competitors.

Becoming a hybrid estate agent

Whether you choose to provide real-time updates on a property transaction with Rezi Anytime, or use a system like Acaboom to receive real-time feedback on your appraisals and proposals – offering a memorable, responsive and around the clock level of care is vital to secure leads and stay ahead of the competition.

As consumer demand changes agents need to learn to embrace similar technology utilized by other sectors that buyers have now come to expect– such as app shopping, AI enhanced chatbots, client portals and online transaction facilities utilized through cloud-based software accessible anytime and anywhere.

When looking at the future of the high street against online only estate agencies it is important to utilize the best tools for your business strategy. As covered there are many overlaps that offerings need to take full advantage of in order to compete and thrive in today’s economy. Automation, client portals and bespoke marketing will give your agency the key fundamentals needed to keep up with buyer demand and win more instructions.

Book a demo with Dezrez today to see the software for yourself, or learn more about the Rezi & Acaboom integration here.”