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Make your presentation pop and win the instruction

• By on August 31st, 2021 •

Make your presentation pop and win the instruction

What could you leave out and what’s a must have when it comes to the slides you show at the appraisal? Luckily with Acaboom, they are all digital, so you can always be prepared. Master trainer Ann Ford discusses her favourite slides to show, and why they work so well.

“Choosing slides to represent your agency and service is a critical decision. So, let’s think about what you’re doing and your aims. You have your slides on an iPad/tablet and you’re going to bring these to life for your client. The slides are a tool, they do not replace you.  People buy people first, so the slides are there to build trust, but YOU bring it to life.

You have probably heard of the power of visuals and what clients remember –typically, it is only 10% if you use verbal messages only, but that can rise to 65% with an image, more if you add in video content. Acaboom will give you that advantage and make you more memorable. But which slides are best?

Let’s start at the appointment

Now let’s imagine you’re on the appointment.Most of you will probably have a sit down/catch up with the client to go over their objectives and pick up on their needs/wants.  Some of you will then go round the property asking questions.  Some of you will leave it until a bit later – either way, you find out what makes your client tick and what’s important to them.

It’s this information on what the client is interested is in, gives you an idea of where to start and what to subsequently cover with your client.

The important thing is to have more slides than you think you need and to guide the client through them, based on what they want to hear.


Let’s say your client is keen on what’s happening in the market, we could start with a stats slide. You might be able to introduce this nicely in your own voice.

  • I’ve completed some extensive research about your area and location…
  • These are year on year figures showing houses sold…
  • Here’s average sales price in the last 3 months on your type of property…

And then you can show them a top transaction with the address.

This is a great icebreaker as clients are always keen to see what’s been happening in their area. I would always suggest a stats slide!


You can stay with this statistics theme and move on to comparables.  Again we are looking to bring these properties to life. With Acaboom, you chose these properties before you meet the vendor. Make sure you really make the most of what you can show! Click on the images, floorplan – stand out against the competition.  Tell the client what’s different – this one has an extra bedroom; here you can see your garden is bigger, that kind of thing.

You can repeat this with your sold properties – state here’s the street next to yours – clients love to see what their neighbours sold for!

Team / Expertise

At this point, you should have an idea of why the client is interested in your agency.

Perhaps it’s your staff – motivated, qualified people who are there to deliver great customer service. So, show them a slide that shows who they are, and gives your client confidence.  They start to see who they will be dealing with on their journey with you – picturing themselves speaking with Jim who does sales progression or Jane who handles property management for lettings.


You could also include your office – as the client may not know you have a prime spot on the high street, where they can pop in and see you for a coffee. Make your agency stand out as approachable and experienced.


What about your other USPs – maybe it’s virtual tours/videography? If so, this will really engage your client, you can showcase what you offer – give them the tablet to hold and play the actual video so they can picture their home being shown in this way.

Cross Selling

Let’s think about other services that you offer, could they help your client? What about their onward purchase, do they need finance? If so, then show them what you offer, put a name to the face, and explain how they work.  The client will start and see themselves on that journey with you.


Now let’s see what your previous customers have said about you!  Everyone pays attention when listening to other clients.  Video works really well here – again, you can play the video to your client, perhaps hand them the tablet while you look around the property and let them soak it all in!

This is just the start. Acaboom can be totally customised, but these are the slides that we see get great results for agents. I hope you can see how you can begin using Acaboom on your appointment!”