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Most commonly asked Acaboom questions

• By acaboom-admin on February 26th, 2024 •

In this blog post, we’ll delve into addressing some common queries regarding client interaction and proposal management within Acaboom. What questions do we get? Take a look and see if you already knew the answers…

  1. How do I get notified when my client looks at the proposal? One of the key advantages of using Acaboom is its robust notification system. When your client views the proposal, you receive instant notifications via the Acaboom App, making it convenient to stay updated even while on the go. Additionally, notifications are also delivered via email, ensuring you never miss a crucial interaction. For a comprehensive overview, all notifications are conveniently displayed on the Acaboom dashboard, offering real-time insights into client engagement.
  2. What happens with the Market Update Report when we archive a property? Archiving a property doesn’t mean sacrificing communication. With Acaboom, the process is seamlessly integrated. Once the proposal has been sent, triggering the Market Update Report, archiving prompts a thoughtful prompt asking if you still wish to send the MUR. This flexibility allows you to tailor communication according to your preferences. Moreover, you have the freedom to adjust the frequency of MURs, ensuring timely updates for your clients throughout the journey.
  3. Do I need to re-send the whole proposal if I’m adding the contract to it at a later date? Efficiency and convenience are at the core of Acaboom’s functionality. When incorporating additional documents, such as contracts, into an existing proposal, there’s no need for cumbersome re-sends. Simply complete the contract and ensure the relevant slide is visible. Acaboom intelligently updates the proposal, ensuring your client seamlessly accesses the new information upon reopening. However, if you prefer a comprehensive approach, the option for a full re-send is readily available.

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