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Opinion: Is your agency remarkable?

• By acaboom-admin on June 7th, 2024 •
How do you charge high fees for your agency services while having your customers thank you for it? In short, it comes down to being remarkable. It’s not a question of being unattainably unique, but instead, differentiating your agency.
For example, do you know that over 90% of agents all send the same valuation template?
What about the hundreds of agencies near you that don’t introduce their agent, or explain what happens at a valuation?
And are you effectively communicating why now is the perfect time to be listing their property?
After all, when you attend a market appraisal, your prospect has essentially three options: use you, use another agency – or do nothing and while you may think other agencies in the local area are your biggest problem, in reality, it’s more likely to be a fight against inertia and worries that now isn’t the best time.
One way to really be remarkable and cut through the noise is to help answer the question of why they need the service you sell – and then, answer the question of why they should use you. Each client will be bombarded with thousands of messages each day. The importance of crafting your message in an immediately understandable and impactful way has never been more important. Can you explain your agency and the unique benefit it offers in a single short sentence?
Why are you different?
Why are you remarkable?
What do other customers say and think?
Be as clear as you can, presenting this orally, visually and verbally. The medium matters – but not as much as the message.
The USP needs to be laser targeted and precise – and obviously, the aim isn’t to compete on fees as a race to the bottom – but to be slightly different—enough to be remarkable.
Can you send a personalised video?
Could you make a witty email that matches your brand?
Can you convey the potential lifestyle change ahead and how you will facilitate this?
Could you make a comprehensive guide that answers all their questions?
Get this right and you can command premium pricing, while also gathering extra rewards as happy customers spread the message about the un-usual thing they saw – from a quirky and memorable email to a personalised video.
What can you do in your business that’s remarkable? Your clarity around this will have a huge impact on the success of your agency!