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Quiz: How personal is your market appraisal?

• By acaboom-admin on October 6th, 2022 •

How personal is your market appraisal? Many agents think they would score 10/ 10 for experience, rapport and delivery – and they are usually right – but are there any weak points in your strategy that could be supported with technology?

Let’s take a little quiz. For every ‘Yes’ – give yourself a point!

Before the appraisal: 

  1. Do you send more than the standard appointment confirmation from your CRM or a standard template?
  2. Do you undertake full research of the property – as well as the market conditions locally and nationally (local demographics, rebuild costs, price per sq ft)- and is this prepared in a presentation or format to take to the appointment?
  3. Do you use video to introduce yourself as their valuer – perhaps to explain what will happen at the market appraisal and put them at ease?
  4. Do you send a digital presentation ahead of the market appraisal and remind them to view this, so they understand your USPS?
  5. Are you able to track if they are reading what you send them?

During the appraisal: 

  1. At the appraisal do you have an interactive experience – perhaps showing videos, data or interactive property maps / slideshows to make it a memorable event?
  2. Do you show off your professional photography with a before and after slider to make it come to life and demonstrate your work?
  3. At the appraisal do you come armed with a toolkit full of recent client examples, comparable properties and interactive floor-plans?

After the appraisal: 

  1. Do you send a proposal in under 30 minutes to the client, on average?
  2. Do you send a custom proposal, including a valuer video that thanks them for their time, referencing pets and loved ones and the property’s main features?
  3. Do you include a digital agency agreement that can be signed by the client within your proposal?

Nurturing and following up: 

  1. Do you call based on notifications that the client is viewing your proposal and therefore interested in speaking to you?
  2. Do you send market update reports to your client?
  3. If you’ve had no contact, do you keep an eye on the client for the whole year?


10 or more points –  It looks like you are an Acaboom customer! You’re using notifications, before and after sliders, interactive presentations, calling at the perfect time and ensuring the client is comfortable before they meet you and engaged at the market appraisal! Keep it up!

Under 10 points –  It looks like you could do with some extra support! You could use Acaboom to stand out from the crowd with a market appraisal process that is interesting and relevant to each individual.

With Acaboom you could start to use video to introduce yourself, send video overviews after the market appraisal, as well as a personalised proposal with market data for their local area and a  report on their property.

Is it time you had a demo?