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Received A Viewed Notification? Try This Follow-up Call Approach

• By admin-account on March 15th, 2020 •

A crucial yet sometimes frustrating aspect of winning new business is the follow-up call after an appointment. Research suggests it can take over five attempts to contact a prospective client after a meeting – that’s a lot of wasted effort, not to mention you might have missed the very moment when the client was instructing someone.

Acaboom notifies you when a client is viewing their presentation, and essentially in the making-a-decision mode. This post offers advice as to how best follow-up when such a notification is received.

On receiving a notification, it is often best to leave it 5 – 10 minutes to give the reader time to digest the material sent. It will also give you time to decide how to open up the forthcoming conversation.

Included in the (main presentation) notification is data of any market changes affecting the client directly – this provides the perfect excuse to making the highest quality follow-up call (…and certainly avoids awkward introductions like ‘Hi, I know you are looking at your presentation….” which is not ideal!).

You can start the conversation with something along the lines of: ‘The reason I’m calling is to let you know there have been some market changes that directly affect the situation we discussed the other day…‘ and then use the price/status comparable property changes, or new similar properties coming to market, data provided.

By using this approach, you will be surprised how many people will respond with ‘You know, I was just looking at the presentation you sent and…’. ACA-BOOOM! You just made an instant connection. You might then decide to respond with ‘Oh, isn’t that a coincidence…’ and go on to tell the homeowner about number 24’s price reduction and the news of number 37 coming to market.

All in all, calling precisely at the right time with highly relevant information leads to more natural and productive conversations. In turn, this will undoubtedly help you win more instructions. Far more we expect, than following up blindly with the standard and the somewhat predictable line of ‘Have you thought any more about coming on the market with me?’. Proof of this, if any was needed, is in the number of positive feedback messages we receive relating to this service.