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Resolutions for your agency in 2023

• By acaboom-admin on December 7th, 2022 •

With the start of a new year comes a lot of resolutions – almost everyone in the world makes a resolution or two at the start of a new year!

We speak to agents day in day out – and here are the resolutions that have been popping up for leading estate agents for 2023 to inspire your own!

1. Delegate more

Many of the smaller agencies that we speak to have a long to-do list which extends over the week and never seems to shift!

Delegation is a real skill, and by prioritising tasks and outsourcing, you can get more done than trying to do the lot by yourself.

2. Market more – even when times are good

The typical agent digital marketing strategy can get lost when things start to pick up the pace. Luckily, most agents already know when their peaks and troughs are and plan to market steadily and consistently.

The word we keep hearing? Video marketing! We would advise that if this hasn’t been on your radar yet, now is the time to start!

3. Learn new skills

All of the best business owners make it their business to constantly be learning new skills, but again, this can get lost in the busy lives we all lead. Some agency owners have told us that they want to spend more time on their own personal skills, but we have also heard from agencies who are focusing on things like team bonding and cohesion, project management, and even picking up languages that are common in their local area.

4. Strategise on a smaller scale

We speak to agents on our account management calls, so we get to see the insights into what many agents are doing – and two big trends have jumped out to us – the ‘stand up’ meeting on a Monday, and a wind-down meeting on a Friday. This is uninterrupted time to plan the attack for the week, usually supported with the Acaboom dashboard, and the Friday includes more of a celebration of success (and from what we hear, a trip to the local after!) For you, perhaps this added catch-up could be an ideal resolution.

5. Promote in innovative ways

When it comes to your agencies’ success, you have to promote your brand regularly and consistently, taking advantage of every platform that is available to you, and we are seeing more agents talk about adding in even more innovation in terms of approach, technology and how, when and where valuers work – and getting their teams involved and rewarding them for their insights.

This can not only drive the team to come up with those ‘moon shot’ ideas, but can also give you a break from having to drive every change. Don’t forget that the world has changed a lot. Most stats are telling us that even mobile first is falling behind desktop for purchases as people are based at home. Staying on top of what’s happening, from TikTok to reaching all stakeholders in the decision-making process is a worthy resolution.

6. Keep your technology up to date

We made a few changes to Acaboom in 2022 and agents who were quick to learn and implement were the first ones using our tools like the before and after photo slider, or getting stuck into our new data slides. The feedback has been great, but we do often hear agents say they plan to ‘revamp’ how things are in their offices. It’s often those small jobs – paying for a premium Zoom or social media scheduling package, or perhaps making that investment in a new feature or upgrade.  Technology investment is a pretty safe bet in returning ROI on time saved or revenue gained – so it could be a great resolution for your business to find your missing gaps and ensure they are filled for 2023.

We hope this has inspired your own resolutions for 2023, and if we don’t speak to you before the bells chime, we’d like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.