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Smashing the most common Acaboom myths

• By acaboom-admin on October 5th, 2022 •

Think you know Acaboom? It might be time to think again! Here are the top myths we hear about what we do. Did you believe these too?

“Using tech like a market appraisal toolkit depersonalises the experience.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth many agents are brilliant on the day – but the experience they give clients before and after the market appraisal is less than personal.

Confirming the appraisal appointment - Expert Agent Documentation

  • It’s quite common for agents to send a simple ‘your appointment date is X’ email generated from a template, and then nothing until the big day.
  • After the appraisal, when the client is most likely to convert – the agent has to head back to the office, create a standard valuation template and send it via email. Then, they wait.
  • They might leave a paper brochure – but there’s no customisation for that individual client, and it’s often packed with ‘fluff’.
  • After all the effort of the appraisal – most agents who aren’t successful give up on following up if they haven’t been successful in a few weeks.

With Acaboom – that changes- and the experience is more personal than ever. A pre-appointment presentation is delivered that can include a video introduction to the valuer, as well as some great USPs to get them excited.

After the appraisal, the agent can shoot a video outside their property from their phone – embedding this in minutes into a proposal that’s been tailored to that specific client. They can reference the pets and family members they’ve met, and not only explain the valuation, but also add in extra data slides and interesting videos and content that the client can share and view again and again.

Buttons allow clients to send questions or get in touch without hunting for a business card. You can tie it to your live chat, or add in your mobile. It’s a superior process.

“Using a presentation at the appraisal takes away the personal touch.”

For some agents, the idea of having a presentation on a tablet conjures up a dreadful vision of the client sitting bored as you drone through a 49-slide PowerPoint, not deviating from your script before leaving.  With Acaboom, that’s not the experience at all. It’s a support tool to help you sell and tell, based on the live conversation you’re having. It doesn’t replace you, your sales skills or how you pitch – just what you can offer the client.

Picture walking in and creating that usual rapport with the client. (Don’t forget, with Acaboom they’ve already been introduced to you before you open the door.) You sit down. But instead of saying, ‘we’re the best agency in the area’ without evidence- you can say, ‘let me show you why we’re the best agency.’ You open your tablet and, without any internet, jump straight into your best testimonials, showing them clips of your premium videos, and demonstrating your professional photography with a before and after slider.

‘But I heard our neighbours’ house is worth X…’

‘Let me show you.’

Want to demonstrate your knowledge of the local area and the research you’ve done for the client? A slide with moving gifs and tabs has all the data they need – and because it’s interactive, they recall it, long after you’ve left.

Get them involved. Ask them to tap into the map and see their neighbours’ houses on the market. Hand them the tablet and let them swipe through comparable properties and floor plans.

When the next agent comes in with a printed comparable report and verbally talks for the whole appointment without evidence – which agent will be more memorable and appear more trustworthy?

When a spouse returns from work, what will they share about their day of meeting agents? Who will stand out? Most definitely, the experience they had exploring the local area or the stats they remember from a visual, interactive presentation will stick in their mind.

“I don’t need tech to win the instruction.”

As a leading agent, you might not see how any technology could enhance how you win instructions. But if you think it’s all about the job you do on the day – you might be off the mark – as a huge 32% of vendors take more than a month to instruct.

With Acaboom you know when the client is ready to make a decision – days, months or years later.

Live notifications tell you when clients are looking at your proposal again, whenever that may be. While invaluable market update reports build your brand and help you stay top of mind with incredible reporting on engagement, Acaboom notifications show who’s interested in moving forward – so you can catch them.


“Clients want a traditional service/ we are a traditional agency. Tech wouldn’t suit us.” 

Traditional service is valued because it offers personalisation and care. It’s the customer first. Heritage and tenure only matter when it comes to a service that makes customers feel they are being listened to and treated like VIPs. But technology in the background can help improve the process for clients and give this experience.

Who likes listening to voicemails? No one. With Acaboom, you can call precisely when clients are viewing your proposal – and call them there and then follow up. No more streams of missed calls for the client when they aren’t ready to make a decision.

Who likes printing and sending back paperwork to an agent? No one. With Acaboom, clients can sign an agency agreement within their proposal, anytime.

Who wants to give a watered-down account of the appraisal to someone that wasn’t at the appointment? No one. With Acaboom, clients have all the facts to hand, they can share with anyone the key to their decision. Nothing is lost in translation; everything is tracked.

What would clients prefer – a paper brochure everyone receives – or a customised proposal for their property? While people may say paper is ‘sticky’ – something that actively relates to them will be read multiple times and will stay in their email inbox indefinitely.

Who likes an agent calling them out of the blue? No one. With Acaboom, you get notifications for months or years after the appointment. That one day, they take another look at your proposal- you get notified. No other agent will get that alert, which is a huge competitive advantage. You also call at the perfect time for the client.

So that’s our main myths, exposed! If you want to show your point of difference, position yourself as a true property expert and go above and beyond what other agents do – Acaboom can help. Book a demo today.