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Staff Bios Are Key to Winning Clients

• By admin-account on September 2nd, 2017 •

Estate agent biographies generate 161 per cent more views than standard content.

We analysed over 30,000 slide views and found that those with information about key team members were viewed three times more than the average.

Expected Findings

Presentations, which average 18 slides in length, contain information such as a marketing valuation, marketing overview, market review and comparable properties.

We found found that the best performing slide on average was the agent’s valuation letter. This wasn’t particularly surprising considering the desire from clients to find out the value of their property.

Other popular slides included those relating to general market information and conditions, and those that detailed a choice of different pricing packages.

Interactive content also helped to boost engagement, with viewers spending an average of 35 per cent more time viewing slides that contained an embedded video.

Repeat Viewings

Viewers tended to read a presentation on multiple occasions, with each slide clicked on an average of 4.9 times.

In fact, the study revealed that a quarter (26 per cent) of viewers read their presentation at least three times.