Agency tips

Stock is low. So what’s your plan?

• By on April 8th, 2021 •

If everything depends on you winning the instruction over your competition, don’t waste any more time. Acaboom helps you win the instruction. Here’s what you can do to maximise your conversions.

1) Send a professional introduction to build trust
Prospects who receive one are 20% less likely to cancel and when they view, 59% go on to list. With Acaboom you can get these sent in seconds.

2) Justify your fee with an unforgettable appraisal
In a seller’s market, standing out from other agents is key. Overcome objections and justify your fee with a quality experience. Go paperless and use your tablet to showcase personalised videos, premium marketing material and custom comparables – all they need to feel confident to give you the instruction.

3) Win the instruction by calling at the right time 
Now is not the time to rely on hope or a call back! Using our app, you can see when they view your proposal and jump on a call when they are considering their decision.

Beat the competitors in your area and win the business!