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The 3 characters you’ll see during awards season…

• By acaboom-admin on November 13th, 2023 •

At every business awards ceremony within the estate agency sector, one can’t help but notice the distinctive characters that seem to attend every event.

Yes, it’s a a place where professionals don their finest suits and dresses, ready to celebrate their achievements and, let’s be honest, show off a bit but as the glittering trophies await their new owners, the crowd reveals some familiar faces…

1. The Friend to All: This seasoned estate agency champion is akin to a social butterfly. They navigate the room effortlessly, engaging in warm conversations with colleagues, competitors, and even the catering staff. Their reputation as a friendly face precedes them, and they’re genuinely interested in the stories and successes of everyone present. You’ll often find them at the centre of a lively group, sharing industry anecdotes and will definitely be at the bar later.

2. The Newbie: In the midst of polished professionals, the newcomer to the estate agency sector stands out with their mix of excitement and nervousness. Easily recognizable by the eager expression, the newbie is on a mission to absorb every detail of the event. They navigate the room tentatively, looking for familiar faces and seeking insights from those with more experience. The awards ceremony is not just a celebration for them but also a valuable opportunity to learn and connect.

3. The Most Likely to Win: This individual exudes an air of confidence that suggests they might already know the outcome. Why? They win nearly every year!  Their polished demeanor and strategically chosen attire make them stand out in the crowd. Observers might overhear whispers speculating on their chances of winning, and they pretend not to hear it. Chances are they are using Acaboom.

Which one are you?

As we wrap up the event season of 2023 by attending The Negotiator Awards, we hope to see you there!