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The 3 things to add to your digital proposal

• By acaboom-admin on August 17th, 2023 •

Your digital proposal isn’t just a nice to have it’s a powerful tool that can make or break your chances of winning the instruction.

With millions of proposals sent with Acaboom, we wanted to share the three key elements that make the most difference.

1. Seamlessly Integrated Agency Agreement

Picture this: your potential client receives your proposal, clicks open the attachment, and there it is – the agency agreement integrated within the proposal itself. This convenience not only saves time but also demonstrates your transparency and commitment. Clients appreciate the ease of reviewing and signing one document rather than toggling between different files or waiting for an email or paper document. For you, it also saves costs on subscriptions to other services.

2. Enlightening Stats and Market Data:

Paper brochures are great but they can’t offer specific data and insights – and as you may know, today’s clients seek evidence-backed insights.  Why are you the agent for them? What is thee difference between you and the cheaper agent?

This is where stats and market data come into play.

Incorporate eye-catching visuals, graphs, and charts that present a clear picture of market trends, local property values, and recent sales in their area speak volumes.

These numbers tell a story that resonates far more than words alone. A potential client may forget a sentence, but they’re likely to remember a compelling graph showcasing the rising demand for properties in their neighborhood, or your sales stats or testimonials. Don’t skip this one.

3. Video: A Gateway to You, Your Team, and Unique Selling Points (USPs):

While the written word can be impactful, videos take your proposal to a whole new level, and we always recommend some form of video – from a valuer reiterating a valuation of the property, from a professional advert, from your clients – or even a video showing how you’d market a property.

You can do this in text, but embedding video stands out, offers a chance to highlight your expertise, dedication, and the unique strengths that set you apart from the competition and it lets your brand personality shine through. Clients want to work with people they can trust and connect with.

Show, don’t just tell.


Your proposal isn’t just a document; it’s part of the whole market appraisal process, and a golden opportunity to captivate your clients’ attention and win their trust (and the instruction.)

So, remember these three essential elements – and if you aren’t already, start to use Acaboom! Elevate your game, stand out from the competition, and make a lasting impact.