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The 4 things you need to say at the market appraisal 

• By on August 31st, 2021 •

What are you saying as the door swings open, and how can you improve the appraisal by prepping vendors?

It all starts before the appointment.

Are you relying on your winning personality and beaming smile as you open the door?

You might have great success rates – but what if they could be improved by some minor prep work before the appraisal? Here’s what you could be saying.


“Are you part of the running club? I hear it’s great.”

With a social media scan before the appraisal, you already know that the vendor is interested in running. By starting them off talking about their hobby or interest of choice, you’re starting on the right foot. You don’t have to lie and claim to be a keen 10k a day type, but merely reference it in context of the local area.

This can work in surprising ways – whether it’s dropping in a TV show you know they like or asking if they use Twitter a lot when you come to the marketing channels you use, you start to resonate more with them.


“You know all about me from the presentation I popped over – tell me about you and your home.”


Sending a presentation before the day you arrive helps show your face, prepare them for what is ahead and puts them at ease that the person at their door is indeed the agent they are set to meet. Reiterating that they have plenty of information about you is comforting and warm and gives them a feeling of power over the valuation process, something some clients can feel nervous about.


“You have a beautiful home. I know a house just like this which has sold – do you know the one?”


Setting the tone with your sales skills with a compliment and comparable, this line helps lead them away from small talk and through to getting your presentation out and viewed. No one would be uninterested in seeing comparable sales in their local area, and this focuses you on the task at hand and makes that transition to business a lot easier.


“I will send you your digital proposal and valuation in the next hour, so, 11.45am – and you can click on it to ask me any question or move things forward.”

How great is this for a strong, definite commitment? Don’t forget that many other agents will be saying they will get something ‘tomorrow’ or ‘will be popping something over email’ or worse, in the post. Standing out by offering that timely service and capturing them while they still remember you is key. Vendors see around 4 agents during their investigations, so wherever you are in the process, follow up. Use videos, photos and unique identifiers in your email and proposal that stands out.


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