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Top 10 Tips For Market Appraisals

• By on November 25th, 2020 •

Introduce the valuer

Create a bond with the client by introducing yourself, your background and your photo or even a video, you’re making yourself unforgettable from the start. It’s amazing how few agents do this!


Show them what to expect

People feel more comfortable knowing what’s ahead and are less likely to cancel an appraisal when you’ve sent a professional confirmation explaining what the meeting will entail.

Do your research

Get to know the client before the meeting, what are their likes and dislikes?  How long have they lived at the property?  How much did they pay?  All questions Acaboom can answer for you automatically.


Present with visuals

90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, and 80% of people remember what they see, compared to ten percent what they hear.

Don’t just tell them why they should use you – show them and they will remember it


Don’t show the same material as everyone else

93% of agents use the same report at a Market Appraisal to show comparables, so stand out from the crowd with an interactive presentation. When you use Acaboom you can share with no internet connection and showcase full photos and floorplans with no agency branding other than your own.

Be an expert in the local area and show market data

Great presentations that win instructions need facts. Show the client you know the local area by reporting on what house prices have been doing recently and how this relates to their property.


Send a marketing proposal

91% of agents send a valuation letter after a market appraisal, often, with the exception of branding these look very similar too.  Don’t be in the 91% – send a bespoke marketing proposal with Acaboom.


Track your opens and call at the right time

Timing is everything –  if you catch someone when they are in decision-making mode you are far more likely to win an instruction.  Acaboom tells you when a client is reading their proposal and considering their decision so you can catch them at the right time.


Stay in touch

Clients love our market update reports so much, we have less than a 1% unsubscribe rate!  Ensure you send reports automatically to your pipeline with relevant and personalised content they will want to read.


Never miss an opportunity

68% of vendors instruct an agent within a month of the market appraisal, but what about the rest?  Most agents also don’t send any ongoing messages to clients after this point, even though there’s a further 32% of business which will instruct!  Stay in touch using Acaboom’s market update reports.  They can continue to keep you in touch for 12 months and more!