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Using your mobile phone to improve the market appraisal process

• By on May 10th, 2022 •

Estate agents have always had to be one step ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we discuss how estate agents are using mobile phones to stay ahead and generate more leads, and improve their market appraisals! If you just use yours for calls or Wordle-read on!

The use of mobile phones for estate agent marketing is not a new concept. However, it has become increasingly important in recent years, as more and more people are using their smartphones to search for homes online. In order to stay ahead of the competition, estate agents need to make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly and that they are using effective mobile marketing strategies.

One of the most effective ways to use mobile phones for estate agent marketing is to create targeted ads that are specifically designed for mobile users. These ads can be targeted at people who are searching for homes in specific areas, and they can be used to promote special deals or discounts. Additionally, these ads can be placed on popular real estate websites or apps, which will ensure that they are seen by a large number of people.

Another great way to use mobile phones for estate agent marketing is to create a QR code that can be placed on For Sale signs. This QR code can be scanned by potential buyers who are interested in learning more about the property. Once the QR code is scanned, it will take them to a mobile-friendly website that contains more information about the property, as well as contact information for the estate agent.

Mobiles can also be used for estate agent marketing by sending out text messages to potential buyers. These text messages can contain information about new listings, open houses, or special deals that are currently available. Additionally, they can be used to promote upcoming events, such as seminars or webinars.

Smartphones also free up agents. They are no longer bound by the office and can conduct business on-the-go. This is beneficial for both the agent and the client. The client can view properties whenever it is convenient for them, and the agent can show properties to multiple clients in a single day.

They can also enhance the market appraisal process.

Whilst typically a valuer would go back to the office to generate a valuation letter, with Acaboom, and our app, you could send a full proposal that’s tracked and interactive from your car! Containing reports, videos, a personalised valuer video, and examples of your work, it’s all built to win.

In a click they can load your agreement and sign it. You get the notification that evening to your phone, instead of a voicemail requesting a contract!
With Acaboom In Your Pocket, you really can win instructions on the go. Your pipeline is in your pocket, ready to be reached at any time, your day is maximized and you win more business. View appointments, gather reports and data in a click, send proposals after a valuation and get notified when they view and instruct you, all on your phone.
Send marketing proposals and personalised valuer videos from your car after the appraisal, send a unique proposal with your valuation, agency agreement and even a personal video shot from your smartphone. All this can be done in seconds before your next appointment. The best part? You can see when they read it (all from your phone!) and call at the perfect time to win the instruction.  The app notifies you when a prospect is reading their marketing proposal so you can swipe to call them AND provides a ready-made marketing presentation for each appointment.

Notifications when your clients are ready to instruct are the future to ensure you are always a step ahead and are another way to use your mobile for smarter processes!

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