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How agents can get an all important personal brand with video

• By acaboom-admin on May 3rd, 2023 •

In the digital age, multimedia solutions have become key for UK estate agents, which is why we partner with and recommend PVS Media – a UK-based multimedia solutions business  that specialise in the Estate & Lettings Agency space and provide businesses with a range of services, including video production, photography, and social media content.

PVS Media are able to provide consistent & quality video content for marketing campaigns, business profiles, property tours, corporate TV shows, and professional photography services to help clients showcase their businesses and properties in the best light. Their video production services also extend to training videos, testimonials, and destination and tourism films, catering to businesses across a range of industries.

We caught up with Matt Lee, Founder of PVS media to discover more on the business and their recommendations for agents wanting to get video right.


How did PVS get started?

My business partner Chris England and I met each other whilst on a filming job for The Guild of Property Professionals. On the train on the way back to sunny Grantham we realised that we were both pitching for the same filming jobs locally and actually we would be a stronger proposition if we joined forces and well, 6 years later, we are still going strong!

How can Acaboom clients make the most of the PVS Media partnership?

As a trusted partner, we run short on-line training sessions for Acaboom clients to help Agents understand the power of video within the acaboom platform. In addition, we are happy to consult with Acaboom clients on their current video marketing strategy and advise on their future plans.

What sets PVS Media apart from other multimedia solution providers?

As a media company we specialise in creating content for the property industry. We know the landscape, we talk the talk and can comfortably chat and advise clients on what looks good, what sounds good and importantly what tracks well online and creates engagement with your database.

What would you suggest to Acaboom clients using video but wanting to use personalised video?

Get started!

As you all know- property is a people business.

This essentially boils down to the marketing phrase, Know, Like & Trust. The more people know you, the more they get to like you and then get to trust you, and it has been proven that we prefer to do business with people we trust.

In the estate & lettings agency world, personal brand is becoming more and more important.

Some of the most forward thinking agents across the UK are utilising the power of personal branding. Agency is changing and the technology available to help agents keep up with the changes is at your fingertips whether you want to be more efficient or offer a better service to your client base there is a piece of PropTech out there for you.

You might deal with sellers, vendors or renters but one common theme is that clients are increasingly looking for a more personal service.

You only have to look at the new eXp or Purple Bricks boards to see agents moving towards promoting their personal brand by including their faces on their boards.

If you are reading this then you are probably an Acaboom customer and what better way to showcase your personal brand videos than on the Acaboom platform. It is such a powerful piece of software and when used in conjunction with video can yield some pretty awesome results.

What is a popular misconception around video for estate agents?

The most common misconception I come across is that a lot of agents think that every agent across the UK is creating video content and they have missed the boat already! When in truth only a very small number of Estate & Letting Agents are producing video content about themselves and their business. The key is to consistently produce content that is informative, educational and truly useful to your viewers. Sure, your local competitor may have posted a few property walk throughs or a selfie video or two about their business but the key question is; are they doing it consistently? Because if they are not then now is your chance to blow them out of the water.

Sit down with your team, list all the FAQ’s you have been asked by your clients over the last 18 months and then turn these questions into videos that seek to answer the problem.


How can agents reach you?

The best way is to email me –

If social media is your preferred medium then you can find us on Facebook through our dedicated Estate Agency page ‘The Estate Agency Video Group’ where you can pose to the 1000+ group any questions or queries you have around video use in your business. We also post on Instagram and TikTok so you can find us there too.