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Visual Information is 65% More Memorable

• By admin-account on September 10th, 2017 •

According to researchers who looked into the differences between using visual or oral information, only ten per cent of orally conveyed information is recalled 72-hours later; that figure rose to 65 per cent when visuals were involved.

Now imagine a vendor or landlord receiving 2, 3, or even 4 valuations and you consider how hard it must be for a homeowner to remember similar information relayed to them by a number of different agents. It’s arguably one of the reasons why all to often home-sellers choose an agent solely on their quoted asking price or fee.

However, that’s really how Acaboom helps to change all of that with We specialise personalised client presentations that convey key information visually. When used effectively, this can help to drive up the value of your business and create a lasting impression.

Best of all, our new analytics tracking means you see when a potential property-seller is reading your presentation and how long they spend on each slide.