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What makes the best estate agent?

• By acaboom-admin on February 20th, 2023 •

They say that eighty per cent of success is showing up – but we disagree. Eighty percent of success is showing up well prepared – and being remembered afterwards.

In our opinion, the best way to do this is to combine two key skills – lot of experience, and tools that use human psychology to make you unforgettable.

After all, as the other saying goes – “timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” — Biz Stone.

We speak to agents every day – and some of them have built a lucrative career off the back of things like rapport, gauging the market value of a house, and being able to answer difficult questions. To them, a digital presentation that can help you by taking away some of the hard work – might feel like the amateur’s solution – or the cheats’ way out.

In fact – if you offer digital, visual material, you use psychological hacks to make your existing skills incredibly powerful.  A newbie to the valuing game can’t ‘take a shortcut’ by using a presentation. They still need the skills and knowledge to go with the presentation. But if you already have the skills – when you do have that digital presentation, you offer something extra – that no one else can – even in a competitive market.

Here are the top reasons you’ll most likely see an improvement in conversions when you offer digital presentations, if you’re already a leading agent.

You can show off in a way that’s classy – and share more USPs

Trying to get your qualifications dropped into a conversation can come off as clunky as a First Dates episode. On the other hand, a professional presentation allows you to do that in a way that is both classy and allows you to show off your expertise without having to be too ‘in people’s faces’.

Your presentation can include features such as:

– Your qualifications and experience.

– Examples of recent sales or lets.

– Market trends and comparables.

– A clear explanation of the legal process involved in buying or renting.

You tailor your pitch effortlessly and never miss anything

A tailored pitch is the key to something that builds a relationship with the customer. It helps you to understand their wants and needs, as well as helping them to understand how you work and how you can help them. Now you may do this already in a meeting, but then it’s possible to forget things – or worse, to not be able to answer a difficult question.

These are all potential pitfalls which can be eliminated by having a digital presentation handy. Everything that needs to be said can go in the presentation, and you can spend time talking about the individual points – you never have worry about forgetting something.

You can stay on a client’s  radar

When your presentation has been shared, the customer or tenant will still have the option to look back at it later – even after the meeting has ended. Send it as part of a digital proposal and watch as they read it.

Digital presentations will help prospective clients remember who you are and keep your name in the back of their mind, until they decide to make a move. It makes it easier for them to share the presentation with other decision makers – without having to go through it all again.

So there you have it – digital presentations are not the ‘cheats’ way out’. They can help you to get your message across more effectively, and give customers an impression of professionalism that will make them want to come back to you for help.

If you’re a leading agent looking for a new way to make an impression on customers – then digital presentations might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.