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What’s the alternative to using Acaboom at the market appraisal?

• By on May 10th, 2022 •

When conducting a market appraisal, estate agents will often want to use a tablet to show comparable sales in the area and other relevant information. They’ve seen how good it looks and they want to get ahead.

Acaboom provides a great app for estate agents we call Acaboom In Your Pocket, which allows you to use your tablet at the market appraisal to share data, videos and floorplans without an internet connection for a more interactive experience.  From the build cost per sq ft,  average sold price for a property of their type, EPC and flood risk to planning permissions for nearby local properties – you can show you are ready to list that property!

You can also let them know they’ll receive a copy of all this juicy information later in their marketing proposal! Teamed with videos, gifs and memorable content – you’ll be the agency they want

If you want to take a tablet to the market appraisal for a better experience and you don’t have Acaboom, whats the alternative? We think there’s no comparison – but take a look!

  • For taking notes, you can use Evernote, which can be used to store notes, photos and documents. This is handy for keeping track of market appraisals and properties you have. You can also use a notes function.


  • You will also need to store images of properties on your tablet? This can be useful when you are out and about showing properties to potential buyers. Without Acaboom you are probably looking at a cloud-based storage system such as Dropbox. This can be used to store and share documents, photos and other files. It is also useful for backing up your data. However, you can’t really send clients huge files of the properties for viewing after the appointment!


  • To showcase what you do, you have brochures. Unfortunately a study into marketing brochures shows that 91% of people will not read a brochure if it is not engaging. It is likely that the person you are meeting with has seen a lot of these in their life and they are quickly becoming outdated. When it comes to reports and comparable properties, you’ll probably be printing them out. This isn’t a very compelling experience, and again, leaving them behind can feel a little lacklustre.


  • You can use your tablet to store links to your social media accounts. There are a number of apps that you can use for this, but when it comes to showcasing positive feedback or video reviews, or even images, you’ll need to download this before you go into the property.


  • You can use your tablet to help you in your work as an estate agent. With the right apps, your tablet can be a powerful tool that will help you to be more productive and efficient, and the answer is Acaboom! You can share a stunning digital presentation and showcase stats, data and differentiate yourself with local and national expertise, all without internet or data.

It’s all prepped for you with Acaboom.  That means you can share video testimonials and evidence as to why you should be the agent they instruct. Plus, you can use property slideshows and your photography and videography examples to sway them. With this method you can go paperless and showcase everything on your device, with no dusty brochures or paper print outs, and you leave them with an online copy. It’s trackable, shareable and ensures your message isn’t diluted!

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