At the appraisal

At the appraisal is one of the best times to make the most of Acaboom, by sharing an interactive property appraisal presentation, When you go paperless and deliver a captivating, visual, and personalized experience to clients during the appraisal process, you get remembered. You can customise yours for each client to include property data, market data, before-and-after photo sliders, professional property videos, interactive 360 property tours, on-market and sold comparables, and unique selling points (USPs) to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Not using this feature?

You might be relying too much on ‘on the day’ performance and overestimating how much verbal content a client can recall. When you switch to a highly visual and unique way to conduct a property appraisal, you are more likely to leave a lasting impression on clients that they can recall, and this stops the whole decision being made around fees. You might also be feeling the pressure to keep clients engaged throughout the appraisal, when showing them rich video, graphics and explainers can do the heavy lifting for you.  finally, you might seem less modern than other agents. While a traditional agent with traditional values is a great thing to be, you will be missing a trick if you are simply arriving with a generic brochure, self-printed price guides or other material that hasn’t shown the care you put into your client marketing.

Key benefits:

  • An interactive presentation enables agents to overcome objections, answer questions, and address client concerns more effectively. It provides a comprehensive platform to convey information, engage in discussions, and highlight the unique aspects that make the agent the best choice for the client.
  • By utilising the various features of the interactive presentation, you can stand out. The visual elements, market data, before-and-after comparisons, and interactive components create a compelling and memorable experience that sets a new standard.
  • With property data, market data, and various visual elements at their fingertips, you can effectively demonstrate key messages, showcase expertise, and differentiate – all for a comprehensive and persuasive appraisal.
  • The app lets you present without an internet connection or data, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience. You can showcase relevant information, including photos, floor plans, market statistics, and examples of their work, without relying on external connectivity.

Let’s get you started!

How to use the app at the appraisal

This short video is about using the app at the appointment.

  • Download the Acaboom app store on to the tablet you wish yo use, login with your existing credentials.
  • Click into the correct property, select ‘actions’ and the ‘download’.
  • In downloads you will see ‘view’ and twist the screen to view landscape.
  • Use the menu to select the relevant slides required for your market appraisal.

See if presentations are being downloaded to the app by valuers

  • Click onto My Account from the top left of Acaboom.
  • You will see various tabs and choose ‘Reporting’

  • From here you can select a date range, office, valuer, template etc then click ‘Get Reports’
  • When you scroll down the report you will see the Account Overview and the Detailed Report.  Look to the last column on the right and you will see the heading ‘Downloaded (App)’.



  • The Account Overview will show you the total number of presentations downloaded.


The Detailed Report will show the individual properties and if the presentation has been downloaded: