A pre-appointment presentation makes you stand out from the crowd

Differentiate yourself from the start and show you’re the right agent for them before you even meet your client, with a professionally designed pre-appointment presentation.

This is custom-built for your agency, can include a video introduction to the valuer, key USPs, and what to expect on the day, as well as testimonials and other useful information the client will love.

It creates a solid first impression and works hard for you too – our stats show recipients are 20% less likely to cancel the appraisal and more likely to instruct you.


Personalised valuer videos give a great first impression

Clients love to see who they are meeting, which is why Acaboom enables you to include your own personalised valuer video within your pre-appointment presentation.

What you say is up to you, but you could include details on how long you’ve worked in the area, some of your stats and successes, as well as what you’ll cover on the day.

Well produced video content makes you stand out from your competitors, showing your enthusiasm for the listing well before the appointment.

Notifications show when your pre-appointment presentation is being read

When you send a pre appointment presentation with Acaboom, you can instantly see when clients are viewing it with notifications.

Get alerted to your smartphone and email as they view, capturing how many times they view and when.

Learn more about your client’s habits before you meet – and keep an eye on engagement too.


Surveys help you understand your potential client before you meet

Get extra value from your pre-appointment presentation with surveys –¬† another great way to start to engage with your potential client before you meet.

Provide an opportunity for them to ask questions you can answer on the day, discover their pain points and gauge areas of importance for the upcoming appointment.

With Acaboom, you can ask the right questions, in the best way, at the perfect time.

Pre-appointment reminders nudge them to view their presentation

Maximise your chances of winning the instruction by ensuring clients are engaging with you.  Pre-appointment reminders  nudge clients to view their pre-appointment presentation even if they missed it the first time around.

With a customisable, polite reminder that helps you get the best engagement levels, you just set it and forget it!

By ensuring that clients engage with their pre-appointment presentation, you enhance your chances of success at the meeting itself.