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Average fee increased from 0.93.% to 1.34% as a result of using Acaboom

• By admin-account on January 31st, 2019 •

OK, so once a market appraisal is in the diary that’s when Acaboom starts to work its magic….but we would say that wouldn’t we. So don’t take our word worth it but rather a leading independent estate agent such as Leader Fox who today told us:

“I love Acaboom- especially the pre appointment notification which enables us to set the tone of what a vendor can expect for us. The market reports are also a great tool that enable us to keep in touch with potential customers and give them relevant information and add value. Not only have we seen a 23% increase in our conversion rate since using Acaboom but we’ve also managed to increase our average fee from 0.93.% to 1.34%.”

Like we said…it’s magic.