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Case Study: Ashington Page and Acaboom

• By on March 4th, 2021 •

We caught up with Ashington Page, the Beaconsfield estate agent and client of Acaboom. We wanted to understand their experience of using Acaboom – and the results! Take a look at this Acaboom Case Study to find out more. 

Could you tell us some more about the kind of challenges were you facing before using Acaboom?

We first heard about Acaboom from the MD Brian Farrell in the early days of Acaboom, and as time went on, we had the sense that potential sellers were getting inundated with paper marketing bumph after a market appraisal, and that Acaboom would help to highlight us as different and modern. We saw a real need to be able to deliver our Acaboom presentation quickly and we wanted a way to see each time the client opened it so we could measure their engagement with us.

We couldn’t see if clients read our posted marketing material and it was also expensive to produce and send out so we had issues with both time and cost we needed to solve.

How has Acaboom helped Ashington Page? 

It delivers an instant return on your investment and is so useful for staff who are embarking on carrying out Market Appraisals for the first time. So it has meant that our valuing team has expanded. In fact, whereas before only the two directors were carrying out appraisals since using Acaboom we’ve kept the same high figures with two non- directors joining the valuing team.

It delivers an instant return on your investment

Also, the facility that Acaboom has for tracking properties that have been withdrawn from your agency and letting you know if they are sold later is essential for helping you avoid “private sales” to someone that you potentially introduced to the property during your agency period.

The speed of delivery and clarity of client engagement and the fact that Acacboom automatically keeps in touch with our clients through market updates is very helpful, and this has helped us with our MA/Instruction ratio.

Acaboom’s brilliance is also in the use of comparables in the presentation – and the fact that your client is emailed regularly with market updates!


What is your experience of working with Acaboom?

Really good. From Brian to Suzanna and Emily who keeps me on my toes during our review meetings! It was also really easy – as a tip, I would always recommend that smaller companies used their own graphic designer to help design the individual slides to truly reflect their companies USP’s and values.

What would you tell others who might be considering Acaboom?

That they are mad not to consider using Acacboom!