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How Fine & Country increased revenue by £170k

• By acaboom-admin on November 20th, 2023 •

Sean Newman is one of the best-known faces in the industry. We caught up with him to hear his positive experiences with Acaboom, shedding light on how this innovative tool has delivered more uniformity and over £170k in fee value in just the first quarter of the year.

If this 7% increase overall in conversion is maintained, this would represent a minimum upturn in revenue of £680k per annum. 

A consistent approach is vital.

“We’ve started using Acaboom because we had different agents with different formats when they were doing a market appraisal. So, some would follow up with an email, some would follow up with a letter, and some would do nothing. By using Acaboom, we had the consistency of the brand, consistency of the message going to every one of our market appraisals,” explains Sean.

Building client relationships early on matters.

One of the standout features of Acaboom, as highlighted by Sean, is the pre-appraisal email that includes a presentation with a video featuring the individual agent. This allows clients to familiarise themselves with the agent before the appointment.

The use of video presentations continues after the pre-appraisal phase. Sean expresses his appreciation for Acaboom’s post-appraisal video presentation feature. This tool allows agents to delve into specifics about a property and its owners, creating a more personalised and engaging experience for the clients.

Capture interest in the moment. 

Sean feels a critical benefit of Acaboom is the ability for clients to sign the agency agreement after the presentation. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and contributes to the chances of conversions. “People can literally sign our agency agreement at the end of that presentation.”

Acaboom delivers real value.

The tangible success of integrating Acaboom into their operations is reflected in the first-quarter results.

Across 50 valuers and listers, there was a remarkable 7% increase in the conversion of market appraisals to listings, equating to an impressive £170,000 in fee value. Sean attributes this success directly to the implementation of Acaboom.

“We’ve seen a 7 per cent increase in our conversion of market appraisals to listings, which in monetary terms adds up to about £170,000 in fee value we wouldn’t have otherwise had.”

In conclusion, Sean strongly recommends Acaboom, especially for those still relying on traditional methods like emails or letters after a market appraisal.

“I’d strongly recommend Acaboom, and if you’re still using, sending out emails after a market appraisal or a letter, if you want to stand out above your competition, the presentation that Acaboom gives you will make you look a lot more professional and get you far better results.”