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Valuation-to-instruction conversion rate increases by 17% with Acaboom

• By admin-account on December 6th, 2018 •

Multi-award winning clients, Thomas Morris Sales and Lettings, introduced Acaboom in the middle of 2018, and have seen their valuation to instruction conversion rates increase from 35% at the beginning of the year, to 52% by October.

Of course – and we would say this – Acaboom is more than capable of delivering magical results, but the reality is that if the very best outcome is to be achieved then there needs to be a well thought through plan and its implementation thereafter.

Thomas Morris have very kindly shared their plan as to how they went about achieving their improved results.

Stage 1:
(February to April) – First Round of Observational Listing Appointments with individual feedback for each valuer and identifying specific areas for improvement. Consequently, the general areas identified as requiring improvement for us were:
1) Agenda Setting
2) Questioning skills During The ‘Walk Around’
3) Presenting Price
4) Features and benefits

Stage 2:
(April19th and May 17th) – Training on the four areas identified above. On April 19th we trained on ‘Agenda Setting’ and ‘Questioning skills During the Walk Around’. On May 17th we trained on ‘Presenting Price’ and ‘Features and Benefits’.

Stage 3:
(April to June) – Testing some of the trained techniques and two specific phrases to use in the listing appointment – ‘Just before we start…’ and ‘What I would like to do..’

Stage 4:
(May to June) – Acaboom introduction and implementation. A new high-impact listing presentation system for use prior to, and after, appointments. This has been introduced, separately coached, and used as a supplement to the skills we have been training on. Area Managers have visited branches to complete integration and to coach as required.

Stage 5:
(July to November) – Second round of Observational Listing Appointments with valuers to ascertain what is actually being implemented using the techniques we have trained on and the use of the Acaboom.

So, there you have it. With Acaboom in your corner your well on the way to converting more of the valuations you go on.

If you would like to see Acaboom up close, do touch base with arrange an demo.