Market update reports help you stay top of mind

Use the power of local market data to keep engagement with your clients beyond the initial appraisal and contact.  Whether your client is just not ready to make a decision, or even instructs a competitor, it is imperative to stay in touch if we want a chance to win the instruction next time round.

Market update reports can be sent regularly to show the client new properties to the market near them, price changes in the market or recently sold properties that directly affect them.

They’re so impressive that the unsubscribe rate is less than 1% after 12 months, and it opens up another chance to instruct your agency. It’s a smart way to stay engaged with your whole database.



Connect and convert with your archived leads and get more from your database

Know when a client is ready to move forward – even months after the appraisal.  Many agents will try to follow up for those first few weeks, but if they are unsuccessful, it’s quite common for them to end communication. 

With Acaboom, notifications keep working for every recipient, so you will be alerted if a client revisits their Digital Proposal months or years later. 

With this intelligence, you can access your archived leads and nurture them through to instruction. 

Notifications keep you on top of any changes

Keep on top of any changes with your clients so you can pick up instructions when other agencies have given up. 

With over 32% of instructions taking longer than a month to convert, you can’t rely on guessing when to call your clients. Notifications work hard for you, allowing you to see interest from clients who may be coming back onto the market.

Notifications save time and pick up extra chances to win instructions.