An interactive presentation ensures clients are engaged at the appraisal

Deliver an experience at the market appraisal that is far superior and more memorable than a verbal pitch alone by using an interactive presentation.

Without needing an internet connection, you can easily explore comparables photos and floor plans with your client.  Bring your services to life with live examples – whether that’s stats on the property market, typical sold prices, examples of your work or more. Acaboom creates your agency presentation with an expert team of brand designers and copywriters, so it can include whatever your valuers need to show the client on the day.

With an interactive presentation in your hand, you’ve got everything you need to overcome objections and stand out from every other agent in the area.

Property data positions you as an expert in the local area

Acaboom can help you position you as a local expert.

Tailor your digital presentation to include property data slides which are bespoke for your client’s property and immediate local area, featuring rich information like:

  • Sold cost per sq ft locally for a similar property
  • Rebuild costs
  • EPC rating
  • Flood risk assessment/rating
  • An interactive map showing planning permissions close to the property
  • Demographics of the local population
  • An interactive map showing local schools

It’s the kind of evidence vendors want to see and by providing it visually, you present yourself as a true expert in the property market – and justify your fee.

Market data allows you to inform clients on the national trends in property

Show your knowledge of market conditions and trends with market data slides.

Your presentation can be tailored by local post codes to include:

  • Number of transactions in the last 12 months
  • House price growth/decline in the last 12 months
  • The average property price in the last 3 months
  • Recently sold properties in your individual client’s road
  • Most expensive properties sold in the last 3 months
  • Financial transactions for the last 12 months
  • Transactions by property type
  • Average property prices by property type comparing the selected area with the region and then England & Wales
  • An interactive sold properties map

By going beyond the standard reports other agents use, you give the client confidence in your understanding of the market.

Before & after photo slider helps you showcase photography in a modern way

Showcase your photography in a unique way with the before and after photo slider. This smart tool lets you compare two photos side-by-side using a slide bar to reveal the improvements your photography provides.

Customise it with your brand colours – and add them into your interactive presentation as an engaging way to get clients feeling part of the appointment.

By allowing clients to physically play with the slider, you create a memorable moment that will stick in their mind long after you’ve left the property.

Professional property videos help you showcase your work interactively

Get visual when showing your point of difference by sharing your professional property videos within your digital presentation for a ‘wow’ moment.

You can embed your professional property videos in your interactive presentation and share with clients without any internet connection or data.

A good property video tells a story about a house, but also shows you make an investment in your clients and your reputation. Showcase yours!

Interactive 360 Property Tours keep the client's attention

Make the appraisal an experience by showcasing your interactive 360 property tours by playing live examples.

With Acaboom, you can add your own within your interactive presentation, and we have many integrations into other proptech solutions to make this really easy for you.

It makes the experience even more unforgettable for the client and is another great value add.

Comparable & sold properties shared on your device open up conversations

Set yourself apart from the agents carrying paper print outs.  Comparable & sold properties are typically shared by other agents as hastily printed documents. With Acaboom, it’s all on your tablet, ready to share.

Allow the client to not only swipe through comparable properties on your tablet, but to also zoom into floor plans and explore slideshow images.

It brings your presentation to life and shows that you are invested in them making an informed decision based on real data.

Acaboom offers an internet free experience - present without internet or data

No internet connection or having to ask for wifi codes?  Deliver the same quality market appraisal experience anywhere. With Acaboom you get an internet-free way to deliver an incredible experience at the market appraisal.

You can share comparable and sold properties digitally, play videos and delve into reports, graphs and stats, all without any connection.

It means less costs on printed reports and brochures and a better experience for the client.


USP slides let you showcase unique selling points at the appraisal

Add the extra magic that will get clients signing your agreement that day by adding compelling slides to your interactive presentation that showcase all your unique selling points.

We can animate and create impactful, memorable designs that demonstrate the differences between you and your competitors, such as your conversion rates, testimonials, awards or anything else.

Acaboom gives you the best chance of standing out at the market appraisal.