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Reporting – it’s all about the visibility

• By admin-account on February 20th, 2019 •

Delivering reporting tools has always been an important component of the Acaboom system and ensures our clients have complete and useful visibility of the raw data in order to create insightful and actionable actions to help win more business.

Today, and based heavily on client feedback, a range of reporting enhancements – and we rather feel that’s an understatement actually; a complete rewrite is more accurate! – have been released.

There’s a fresher look that includes at-a-glance results for the selected period with the numbers of sent items, percentage opened, viewed, and even the percentage viewed multiple times and most unique views.

Then, the detailed report enables users to drill down and analysis the performance based on specific valuers, templates used, property status, along with open and viewed results per property.

Senior manager reporting across multi-branch networks has also been improved with automatic reports being generated and sent to chosen personnel including both the summary results as a whole and by each office, and also detailed reporting too. Needless-to-say this enables senior managers to even more easily track activity and usage across their multi-branch network.