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Acaboom now supports multi signatures in agency agreements

• By on November 18th, 2021 •

We are thrilled that now, clients using Acaboom to send their agency agreements can now benefit from our new multi-signature feature. We know that often, you need to get signatures for additional persons to proceed, so we’ve added this option, as well as a tick-box for a final valuer signature to keep everything in check. 

While signing is simple and easier than ever, keeping track of where things also matters a great deal. That’s why the Acaboom Activity details now shows a record of who has been sent an agreement sent, and if they have opened/ signed the contract. Importantly – it helps you see who is still outstanding!

Once all parties sign, a PDF is sent out, closing the loop! 

And because every experience should be a brand experience, agency agreements can now be customised in colour and style. 

We hope our customers benefit from these updates, and if you have any ideas for future developments, reach out!