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A look at Acaboom features: Pre Valuation Presentations

• By on January 12th, 2022 •

At Acaboom, we offer a whole market appraisal toolkit to help agents differentiate themselves. With a whole world of prop-tech out there, we know understanding what’s on offer can be tricky. That’s why in this blog series we wanted to delve into some of the core features of Acaboom in more depth, so you can understand more about what we offer and the benefits to you as an estate or lettings agent!

First, let’s uncover the value of sending pre valuation presentations.

Pre Valuation Presentations

Have a look at some samples of pre valuation presentations created with Acaboom here.

The bottom line is, connect before the appointment with pre-valuation presentations and you are far more likely to win the instruction. These smart, digital and interactive presentations say a lot more about you and your agency offer than a simple confirmation of appointment – and they get the process off to a great start.

They give great results too, with stats showing if they are viewed, the client is 58% more likely to go on to list.

What are pre valuation presentations?

Let’s start at the beginning. Pre valuation presentations could be called a ‘property marketing introduction’, a ‘valuer introduction’ or a ‘pre-appraisal presentation.’  They could be compared to a brochure, but they are far more sophisticated than a PDF presentation or a PowerPoint.

While the confirmation of the appointment may be delivered automatically, a pre valuation presentation is a highly professional digital document that can be sent via email, or as a link through SMS that the potential client clicks to read and importantly, it’s tracked every single time it’s viewed.

Why should agents send a pre valuation presentation?

Simply,  If you have the client’s trust and confidence, then they are more likely to accept your valuation, advice and fees – and are also likely to select you over other agents.

A pre valuation presentation warms up the client and also helps overcome common misconceptions about what will happen at the market appraisal. It gives them a very good indication of what to expect when doing business with you, and also instantly showcases how different you are from your competitors.

For example, in our recent study of over 500 homeowners in the UK, over 80% thought that photography would happen at the market appraisal, so being very clear about the aims of the appointment is critical.

Not only that – but cancellations are greatly reduced when you send a pre valuation presentation. It shows a clear commitment to the client from the very first interaction.

What should be included in a pre valuation presentation?

As well as including an introduction to the valuer, we also recommend a biography, a history of the agency and some FAQ’s. Around 4 – 5 slides is typically enough.

Estate agent biographies generate 161 per cent more views than standard content, so this is one to definitely include!

Does Acaboom create them?

Unlike other tools that help you build presentations, Acaboom offers a done with your service. Our experts in estate agency copywriting, design and marketing team up with you and your dedicated account manager to craft presentations that are 100% approved by you. We find this brings the most professional, effective results.

Do pre valuation presentations offer ROI?

As well as building trust and interest, pre valuation presentations are more than just something that’s nice to have – they actively help win instructions and reduce cancellation costs.

A report from a 20-branch client of Acaboom found when a pre-valuation presentation is sent, market appraisals are 20% less likely to be cancelled and 59% of vendors then go on to list.

What other benefits are on offer using pre valuation presentations?

  • When you send pre valuation presentations with Acaboom, they are fully tracked, and you can see how many pages the potential client viewed, for how long, and if they revisited pages multiple times.
  • You can also add in videos- allowing the very best points to come over in a way that appeals to people who enjoy visual and audio content instead of reading.
  • You have tangible proof of ROI if they go on to list
  • You can alter and tweak your estate agency marketing based on real data
  • You can create an instant moment of connection with every client before you even get to the door.


What do agents say about pre valuation presentations?

“Had some great feedback on the valuer bio I sent too – one lady commented she felt more at ease about her dog being in the house because my bio says I love pets!” – Heywoods Property

“Brilliant product that allows us to deliver presentations to potential and current clients that has increased our conversion rate on listings and in so completions.” – Simon Woodcock – Robinson Michael and Jackson

“The feedback received from clients about our presentations is always very positive and I believe has helped us win instructions and therefore provide a tangible ROI.” – Bond Residential

“First impressions are so important in our market and Acaboom certainly leaves an impression with the potential landlord/seller. It also ups our own game as we endeavour to keep that quality and wow factor throughout the whole customer journey. Top, top product!” – Professional Properties

Examples of real pre valuation presentations:

Have a look at some samples of pre valuation presentations created with Acaboom here.

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