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Busy agents win instructions on the move with NEW Acaboom In Your Pocket App

• By on October 7th, 2020 •

Have you heard about our new one of a kind new app for iOS and Android mobile devices ‘Acaboom In Your Pocket’? It helps busy agents win instructions on the move!

Aware of the lull between visiting a prospect for valuation and receiving instruction, or knowing when is best to follow up, Acaboom developed the app, which sends agents a notification each time a prospect is viewing their marketing proposal.

Teamed with a ‘click to instruct’ button a prospect can click directly from the proposal,  this ensures agents get the very best chance of being instructed.

As well as offering solutions for post appraisal engagement, the app also ensures agents avoid the ‘dead time’ associated with heading back to the office to print documents, gather reports and prepare for meetings and valuations.

Pre-appointment information can automatically be sent to the app, containing a wealth of knowledge including client insight reports from social media, Google Street View and historic sale dates and prices – all providing rich information to build a relationship with the homeowner.

During a valuation, the agent can use the app to download a custom presentation to share, and after the valuation, the custom marketing proposal can be sent in minutes, even using 3G.

Brian Farrell, MD of Acaboom, said:

“This addition to Acaboom’s technology suite illustrates our interest in building the most advanced solutions for busy agents, helping them to win instructions on the move. We want agents to use Acaboom in Your Pocket to build relationships that convert, to save them time every day and ensure they win more business.

The agents who are timely, relevant and digitally savvy will win, and we believe Acaboom In Your Pocket helps them tick all the boxes.”

The app is also set to soon provide even more innovative such as the ability to shoot a personalised video message directly from the agent’s phone and to send this from the app to the customer, cementing the agent’s suitability to be instructed.

To learn more, please visit or watch the video here.