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Homeowners love Market Update Reports with 96% staying subscribed

• By on September 14th, 2021 •

Acaboom’s market appraisal toolbox offers the ability to run a nurturing campaign following the appraisal. With Acaboom this is delivered in the form of a Market Update Report sent at chosen frequencies to each homeowner.

Incredibly low unsubscribes

Each report provides an overview of similar properties that are on the market in the proximity of the homeowners which can include new properties to market, or changes to price/status to those already on the market.

Previous research carried out by Acaboom shows that over a 12 month period only 4% of homeowners receiving these reports opted to unsubscribe.

Delving into the data

Of 292,000 sent market update reports:

  • 41% of sent reports are viewed
  • 48% of those viewed are viewed a second time
  • 32% are viewed 3 or more times
  • 10% of people did not view a report for 3 or more weeks but then started viewing again

Why do such a huge number of people stay subscribed?

Well, almost certainly it’s because everyone wants to know what’s happening in their road/area, including which neighbours are moving.

Market Update Reports are basically an agent branded report, delivering the information the homeowner is interested in (as opposed to pure sales messages).

Should you be sending Market Update Reports?

All in all, Market UPdate Reports are dealing fantastic branding for clients since whether the homeowner is moving right now or not they appear to want the reports to continually be sent, meaning the agent’s brand is placed at the forefront of the homeowners thinking weekly.

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