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How to use GIFS to bring your proposal to life

• By on September 23rd, 2021 •

As humans, we are wired to process information visually. Human eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour. That’s why Acaboom can now create branded GIFS for use in your market appraisal presentation and proposal. Visuals communicate much more information, much faster.

Here’s an example in action in a post appraisal proposal

But how should they be used for maximum benefit?

1. Only use GIFS to illustrate a few key points 

GIFS are best used sparingly to focus on just 3 – 4 key USPs for your agency. While almost any image can be turned into a moving GIF, it makes sense to think about them as a way to really grab attention when you most need it. Keep that wow factor by only using them on your best points, such as:

  • A for sale sign, turning into a ‘sold’ sign
  • A map of all your branch locations
  • Moving numbers (perhaps homes sold, years in business, percentage of asking price reached) to show volume/tenure/ expertise
  • Stars popping up to show your top rated service and reviews

2. Limit how big and bold your GIFS are

At Acaboom, if you need a gif, our team will take care of the design and technical specs, but gifs need to be short and sweet.  Complex ‘mini movies’ will slow down the presentation and distract the viewer. That also goes for colours as well – limit to 2 – 3 colours for the best effect.

2.Use GIFS to drive actions

Your GIF and CTA should work together.  Ensure your call to action and your GIF play well together, guiding readers to carry out your desired action and click that all-important ‘instruct us now’ button or get in touch.

Are you ready to get started with GIFS?

GIFs have become an important way to communicate, especially to younger audiences. If this is something you would love and use, let us know by reaching your account manager.