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Lights, Camera, Action!

• By admin-account on November 29th, 2018 •

There’s no confusion when you send video. It’s not pretend-human. It’s not substitute-human. It’s fully human and can be yet another way to differentiate yourself from the competition to help win the instruction.

Of course, embedding a video into a slide has been long supported at Acaboom, but now we’ve gone one step further by supporting the adding of a personalised client video within their presentation.

A valuer simply records the message to go to the homeowner – perhaps using their mobile phone – uploads it to (say) YouTube or Vimeo, and then enters the “share” link provided into Acaboom/the slide. When the client opens their presentation, and views the video, it plays in the slide itself.

So, if you going to be producing videos for clients, perhaps offering a summary of your recommendations following the market appraisal, here’s some useful tips to help with producing high quality watchable content:

Be clear what you are going to say and determine the beginning, middle, and end. It might be:
–  A client introduction by name
–  Reconfirm the property’s main selling features
–  Outline the marketing strategy and your recommendations relating to asking pricing
–  Advise the following slides contain important information on achieving a successful sale/let

Keep the camera steady
Maybe invest in a tripod for your phone as it can help you make a more professional looking video. Your audience will be able to better focus on what you are saying if the video has a smooth picture quality.

Lighting and audio
Choose a brightly lit setting for your video, avoiding backlighting and direct overhead spotlighting. Test your smartphone mic to be sure it is delivering good quality audio when played back; maybe invest in an external mic.

Shoot for your intended platform
Shooting in a horizontal mode is normally best – the camera that is, not you! Videos are almost universally presented horizontally and it saves the viewer watching the video them with two large black bars on the side.

Keep it short
For the most part, a short video is best. 45 – 60 seconds is a good starting guide.