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Market Update Reports – A Titanic Hit with Homeowners

• By admin-account on August 22nd, 2019 •

Since the introduction of Market Update Reports (MUR’s) 12 months ago, client feedback strongly indicates they significantly help to increase the conversion of MA’s into instructions. This is now further supported with MUR’s having an incredibly low unsubscribe rate of just 1%*.

MUR’s update the homeowner on changes in the market that affect them directly through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly emails. Content includes price and status changes to the comparbales the valuer discussed with the client, along with new similar properties coming to market, and a market trend update.

Suffice it to say, even if the homeowner is not presently thinking of a move, they are most likely keen to learn what similar properties in their road, or close proximity, are selling for and who is moving.

Prospective clients clearly appreciate their MURs, judging by the incredibly low unsubscribes rate, proving beyond doubt their value compared with chasing sales and sending direct marketing emails. Simply put… it highlights the value of sending clients content that is specifically of interest to the client.

*Based on over 115,000 MURs sent across a random selection of Acaboom clients.